Monday, August 10, 2009


Date: 8/8/2009 Sat
Time: 11 plus.
Location: Food area, Maishima, Osaka

Weather: Hot sunny skies wif cotton candy clouds = Perfect

Members: MayC, JC

And the fun starts. After getting ready with black nails and full stomachs.
Sky stage: Where Katy Perry was suppose to perform. Got canceled :(

Ocean stage: Caught Dragonash, Paramore, Nine inch nails.

Lack of photos due to the heat, sweat, exhaustion......and cos I was waiting for MCR to start. And finally at 7.45 baru start.

It went freakin crazy man!!! Cos we were up front, like seriously front center and when they started playing, everything erupted in utter chaos. Seriously madness. Everyone was jumping around like mad, crushing and pushing others to get closer to the stage. The sweat, the heat from pulsating bodies, the deep throbbing of the music. Kengness! Then it started to go downhill. I was getting crushed, I thought I lost my bag and when grobbing for it, my specs got crushed, my hair was in a mess.....One word, crazy. Spending all that energy to fight ppl off, cannot enjoy the music we retreated from the mosh pit.

Just a bit further away, and the scene is so much better-less crazy. So I took pics :D (Actually cannot one hor-copyright and stuff. Muahahaha....I don`t care)

Mikey had on a T-shirt saying "Mikey Fucking Way" in Katakana.

Frank did a guitar solo. Ooolala....

Ray is wearing the Black Parade costume.

They seriously rocked the place man. And Gerard really knows how to get the crowd going. Ahhh......I is love. Been listening to their songs for ages. Accompanying me through emo days, brain crunching study periods or when I was just plain mad. Listening to them live is so different man. Super duper syiok. I think I fell in love with em all over again, if that is even possible.

And guess what, the best part is................

Gerard when from the main stage to this small podium in front. And guess who was right next to the fence?

Moi! I was freakin give take 2.5 meters away from Gerard Way! Hahaha......


MayC helped me take this pic. Thanks man. I love you MayC!

The show ended with a fireworks show. Kengness! Woohoo....What a kick start to my summer hols. I is happyness.

After the show. We are stinky, sweaty, tired but definitely happy campers. It worth every single damn Yen spend. This is one experience I will not forget in a hurry.

*Will post up more pics when I get em from MayC.