Sunday, June 29, 2008


Had performance yesterday. MayC so kind came to be my one and only fan. :DDDD Two more fans did not come. Hahaha.....MayC i HEART u!!!!!! And Thanks for taking pics and videos!!!!!

For the noobs yang tak tahu, budak ini masuk Choir (合唱団). Hahaha.... still cannot believe it. Its the weird exercise you gotta do to warm up that attracted me! Me likes weird stuff. Muahkakaka..... Guess wat, a while back i was thinking of quiting. Cos the workload this year is skyhigh and sometimes singing is stressful instead of relaxing when we can`t meet teachers high expectation. But tahan for 文化祭 lah, and i guess its ok after all. ;PPP It`s all down to time management.

Anyways, me thinks this time me did better than last year. Not so nervous so can concentrate and voice boleh keluar.But hearing Izumi sensei sing during the Jazz Mass song....sigh... I wonder when me voice can ひびく and travel far. Must Jia You more. :DDDDDDD

Here`s some videos of the performance (Wah, we opening act leh...does that mean stg?)

隣のトトロ - My Neighbour Totoro ( I LOVE TOTORO!!!)
From the Studio Ghibili movie of the same name. Me likeys. Me likeys almost all Studio Ghibili`s stuff. It brings ya to a land far far away. Very magical...

Izumi sensei says to sing this song well, we are suppose to evoke our emotions by thinking of the olden days when some loved one is traveling by train to somewhere far and we might never see them again.... the pain. the longing, the memories....ahhhhhh.

Jazz Mass
Seems like this was created to lift up the spirits of the people after Hurricane Katrina. A very powerful and touching song when sung properly. I dun think we did it justice. Needs voices that can travel far so it sounds real ethereal , thats the hard part man.

Okies thats all for now. Got more songs lah....but u dun want to see them right? Kakaka.....

Next up, training for 高専祭 (College Fest).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Inspiring!


This can be found on the back of the uniforms of the Baseball dudes in my kosen. What bout ur kosen? Don`t cha just find it very inspiring? It sure hits the bell in my head until it reaches resonance. Every time I see it I just forget all the little shit that happens and strive on. Hope it helps you guys too. ;DDDDDD

Lets Add oil, Dun break hope,
dun normal day dun burn incense, when in need then hug the Buddhas leg,
always remember theres always another mountain higher then the next,
but, a bit a bit, long long will become hill,
so jangan kalut, jadilah gembira.

* Haha......try in diff languages if you dun get the drift. But u all so smart sure know one rite?*

Monday, June 23, 2008

Reasons to be back in M`sia this Sat!!!

Urbanscapes (28 June)

Happening at KLPac this Sat. Huhuhu.....imagine a haven for shopping, looking at art, hoppin wif local bands, checking out ppl, eating all the yummy M`sian food. Man, I wanna be there...


The Great Singapore Sale 2008 (23 May- 20 July)

Mannnnnnnnnn...... imagine all the stuff on SALE!!!!! I wanna gooooo!!!! And its not like normal sale ok..... its the KENG kind. Imagine all the expensive labels wif their prices slashed. All the cool stuff you will never get for yourself cos of the ridiculous prices going for prices you can actually afford. This is the event to save up for man. The adrenaline, the thrill.... i miss this.Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2008 ( 5July- 1 Sept)

And how can we forget our very own sale. Muahahahaha.... there are many fond memories roughing it wif like minded girls on our search for the ultimate bargain. Hahaha....


I`m in need for a Shopping Spree Fix!!!!!!!!!!
Trash it out till u drop Events!!!!!
I need sum buzz in my life!!!
Its too dead here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Got My MOJO back!!!!!!!

First of all, I would like to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who commented on my last post, or read it through. You guys ROCK! Haha.... I felt the LOVE. Muahahahaks.... it`s nice to know there are ppl in the same boat or another different colored boat but, nevertheless in a similar kinda boat and that you all so Sayang me. * Oh ...Touched!!!* Haha...... seriously lah, I was not sad or emo at all. Though, it might seem that way since my choice of topic was kinda blue. Was more like reveling from the shock of a revelation... that`s why got eyes wide open mah. :PPPP


'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.' Matthew 7 : 7~8 (NIV)

It`s true!!! It`s really true!!! I mean, I`ve always believed in it but, you know, sometimes it seems just like another theory that is located somewhere very very far away. So your conviction falters and sways and you loose the sight. The compass that points true North.

But man oh man, I think its coming back to me *Celine Dion- It`s all coming back to me now- plays* Muahahaha.... my muse is coming back to me! *Correction* My muse is BACK!!!! My Mojo..... oh how I`ve missed you. Now im whole again. Well almost.... But a large chunk has been filled. Muah...muah * blows air kisses* Never leave me again. I promise you, I will not neglect you anymore, I will faithfully abide all your commands, your every whim, you`re my Goddess.

And since you guys so sayang me, I give you chance to attack me. ;DDDD Cos no matter what you all love me rite?? Hehe...... so there.... I`m leaving myself bare, ATTACK me with your comments.

*shy..... runs and hides under futon*

*peeks out... Please be merciful?*

*Nay..don`t.......just shot*

*hides back... >.< *

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Standing at the edge with my eyes wide open

I`ve been asking God these few days what his plan for me is like. Cos im loosing my way, like some lost sheep. It used to be simple, i knew what i wanted and how to set bout getting there. However, as usual, life or fate or what ever it is out there interfered and here i am now. I would love to think that it was my choice to be here but we all know better. I think this was the work of fate or should i say d hand of God, maybe? Sure, sure, thats nice too.... i can deal with that.

What i cannot deal wif is the lost of direction im getting and the gut feeling that decided to elope with it. I`ve been pushing and trying and going the way i seem to need to be going these few weeks as well. But i wonder why i`ve been left burned out. I asked God too....cos that seemed like the best thing to do.

I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho ( its Joann`s)some time ago and it was about this kid seeking his fortune, his way, his ultimate goal. The kid had hopes and dreams, maybe not that big a dream but still a dream and he held it near and dear to him. Then, came along this wise man, claiming to be the king of a well, kingdom and he told him to go forth and achieve more. The lad did but landed himself in a bad spot instead and there seemed no way out. Miraculously, he got a job at some crystal shop and began anew vowing to return to his original dream after getting out. He accomplished his goal but felt that he could handle newer and better stuff at that point. So what should he do? Should he follow the old dream or the new one? The one laid out to him by the King? Or the one he planned earlier on? Which one would be THE ONE? In the end, he choose the Kings way and did well.

So folks what is the moral of this story?

In my opinion, its very much like our lives. We can always, always plan but, we would never ever know how it would end up. We can only strive for the best and hope that all goes well. I guess ultimately, no matter what path u choose to take, that will be ur path, cos u chose it so its yours. Muahahaha...... so choose well my little darlings ....* scary castle music* is after all concerning your very own mortality.

And the results of this questioning and asking? I am pleased to announce that i had an amazing day STANDING AT THE EDGE WITH MY EYES WIDE OPEN. Haha.....actually it felt more like tons and tons of ideas and thoughts were fighting to come out from my synapse until my brain was swimming in its own thoughts and since thoughts are denser then the average grey matter, or so i shall like to think, my brain floats in its own thoughts. Haha.... thats why i had to spew it all out or suffer from toppling over the edge. Lucky, my eyes were wide open so i could still navigate around and found much interesting material for more sessions.

Fascinating huh. Im so lucky im still so sane. Sometimes i wonder if this is all normal or most ppl try not to ponder over these things or im just wasting my time or this is all crap. No matter what, theres no way one would ever know right. Or is there.

ok i better stop. Im doing the loopy thing again. Ya, just gotta say things bother me. Many things bother me. I can`t just take it easy. I have to take it a part and build it up again, piece by piece and know why and where each piece goes. im sick i know. Maybe i need professional help, but then again i dun think i do. Maybe there`s a name for wat im having. They should be. There`s always a name for something.

Anyways, things to ponder on:

Social activities and their purposes
Ego aka pride
Stupidity versus Smarts
The Norm aka Dun rock the boat
Self doubt

Thats all i guess. But before i go, i would like to wish my super fabulooos and most wonderful dad:

Without all your encouragement for us to be better than what we can be or believe to be, all the effort u put into my education, all the times u drove me to my countless tuitions, not to mention the bills u had to pay, the trips to all the libraries in town worth going to, your fastidiousness on my lousy English proficiency, when you were so kam ciong when i fell and tore my ligaments, the trips we take to broaden our minds, the care you take in providing and caring for your family, I would not be the person i am today. Thank you dad, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done. You are the best dad ever, no matter what.

* To those who could bear it and read it till the end. Ur thoughts are much appreciated. :DDDD I`ld love to know ur thoughts on this. :)))))))))

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thing a jing a ling

Guess WHAT came in the mail today!!!!

My BOOKS!!!!!

Soooooo Happy!!!!!!* Heart fluttering very fast*

*smile smile*

*smells the books......smells....*

Wooo......the heavenly smell of fresh ink and paper. Yum! You do know what im talking about don`t cha? Everyone smells their books right? Fresh new smell of paperbacks have a tinge of mustiness to them versus the fresh smell of paper and ink on textbooks. Cos they are made from diff quality paper and ink. And the smell of old books, musty and dusty. Oh and don`t get me started on the feel of the pages when you turn them. The nice crisp tick to it, the sharp edge of the paper, or the dogeared pages of well read books, or the ones that are hard to turn.....oh oh and the extra thin ones on dictonaries.........ramble ramble......*of to lala land *.......



Ok returning to reality.....

I just discovered that over the one year and one month plus i`ve been here, i`ve bought way to many books. I allowed myself to buy one book per month but i think i got slightly more. Oops! Hahaha..... not that i really care cos i luv em all. It`s just gonna be heavy when moving. >.< So anyone wanna trade books wif me? If somehow or another we might be going to the same place (eg: Some gathering, holiday traveling) u pinjam me i pinjam u lah. :DDDDDDD We have koukang library. :DDDDDDD Anyone interested?

Try guessing what the above dish is...........

*try lah*

*i bet u won`t ever get it*

*u dun believe me?*


* u think it`s very easy to guess?*

*hmmm.........u sure?*

* are you thinking curry?*

* yes ....yes....*

*curry wif carrots and terung maybe*


*oh and the brown thing is chicken lah*

* easy.....its Chicken Curry mah*

*HAHAHA....if you think its Chicken Curry then you are WRONG!!!*


*you know why?*

*because it`s Vegetarian Curry. :DDDD*

*So wats the brown brown thing?*

*oh....that my friends is vegetarian chicken*

* Vegetarian chicken?????? U mean the chicken is vegetarian? Then when u eat the chicken it`s still a vegetarian dish meh? Eat chicken worh!! *

*No no.......the chicken looking thing is made from Tofu.*


Hahaha....if you manage to read until here. Congrats my fren. U are as bo liaw as me. So i tell u lah, this week is Vegetarian Week for me and MayC. Yep, we go meatless in search for greener lah...crapping.....doing it for fun. :DDDDDD

TTFN peeps. Good Luck to those having exam. And Ur not suppose to be blog surfing u know.


Go Study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Laotian food is da BOMB! so happy cos i got to eat this :DDDDDDDDDDD

This is Larb, some kind of salad. But it sure dun taste like salad. It taste like some stir fried dish. Wah i tell u the flavor is so nice. *swoon swoon* *salivate some more* Salty garlic-ness plus a tinge of chili from the dried red chili he used complements the chicken very well and u can taste each of the flavors separately and mixed together at the same time. Oh man.....

*grin grin*


* rubs full stomach*

And this is the dessert he made. Wah....kau keng make dessert some more! Its like bubur chacha.

And the most wonderful chef is this young strapping hyper lad, Jit. He cooks so well im swooning over him edi. How come Laos food so GOOD one? How come? Gosh, after eating his food and Kah`s food im for sure going to Laos to eat all the yummy food edi. :DDDDDDDDD
Last year for kosen sai ( College Fest) Kah cooked Khao Poon. Its rice vermicelli soup and it sure is GOOD GRUB. The soup is the reddish looking one in the picture below. The upper pot is filled with Bangladesh Chai.
Both this dudes are from Laos also :D The left hand side black color T is Chaipeto. The right hand side one is Kah :D We tell him he should open a restaurant in Japan :D Then he will be super rich edi. Kekeke.......
And how on earth i so lucky can get free food ya think? No lah. Not free one. We have Koukang (exchange) lah. Me and MayC make Banana Cupcakes and get dinner in return :DDDDDDDDD Very good deal don`t cha think? Kekeke......

Next time we are making Malaysian Curry :D
Cheers to a wonderful and happy koukang food relationship. :DDDDDDDDDDD
Im soooooo looking forward to all the yummy food. *salivate some more*

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Exam`s are finally over and to celebrate , I bought a new book. :) It`s A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and I finished it in one setting today :D The setting and feel of the storyline is very much like the first book by the same author, The Kite Runner. It`s all about the life of Afghanistans living in Kabul, going through the war, living and coping with conflicts brought on by tradition and misgivings. Family ties, honor, love, shame and redemption are also reoccurring themes. I even spotted one of the characters from The Kite Runner in A Thousand Splendid Suns.I am not going to tell who it is :D Read it yourself :P
A Thousand Splendid Suns talks about an odd sort of family unit that spanned three generations formed as a result of adultery and copulation before marriage that leads to harami (bastards). The story starts of with Mariam a harami, as a child, growing up hungry for her father's love and her mother's approval. Upon finding out the reality of her father's promises and the truth behind her mother's words one fateful day, her world comes crashing down. A flurry of misgivings, cowardice and wrath soon follows and we are led on to our next set of characters and the next harami. It is all drama, drama, drama with no stones left unturned.

In all, Hosseini weaves a wonderful tale of how strong human bonds can be. Be it by blood or love, no war nor any misgivings can tear humans who have shared something special together apart. As sick as it is to read and feel the hardship that these people have to endure during the war, and to comprehend the gory nastiness of extremes humans inflict upon others, it is amazing to see how the human spirit can hold up and to fight what seems to be at that point, the impossible.

The plight of women living under the Taliban regime takes somewhat of a center stage here since the main characters are women. As someone living in the free-er parts of the world, the trauma and pain of these undermined burqa clad women are something i cannot comprehend but sympathize with. Yes, sure we can understand the facts, the victimization they face, the freedom they can never have, the education they never get. But do we really know how they feel? Can we understand the pain and anguish that they have to go through? The indignity of being forever forced into doing things against their will by men?

Oh sure its getting better people say. Theres even a beauty school now that the Taliban got kicked out. But is it really better? In homes, do the men give two hoots what their wives think? Do they give them the respect they are entitled to? Do the daughters get education? In fact, this does not only happen in Afghanistan. It happens everywhere in this world. Yes, even in Malaysia. I believe there are still men out there who beat their wives and rape the innocents. There are still girls married of against their will, forced into prostitution, or condemned from birth just for being born female.

It has been like this for as long as time and it is not strange that women fought back and demanded for their rights since the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Thus, Feminism was born. Feminism is a word i don`t particularly like and advocate since it has no clear definition and has suffered much from being not clearly understood. But if it means the fight or theory that render women to be the masters of their own fate, to be no longer oppressed, then i must say, i am its firmest supporter. Nothing gets my blood boiling as much as seeing women being dominated by men.

May a thousand splendid suns shine down upon women everywhere. We are all one in this and shall shoulder it together till the end of time.