Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today is a Happy day! :D

That's right. Its a super duper happylicious day! And I am smiling uncontrollably :D In fact I have to exert some restrain to prevent my facial muscles from hurting.Haha....such good days are hard to come by. And thus, I feel this insatiable urge to write it down for much needed encouragement when I turn into a wreck again :D 

Why am I so happy? Simple. Got 3 reports done. Passed up. Conducted experiment today and for the first time ever its a competition into 3 groups to design and create a model house. The house that has the lowest temperature score after being blasted with insane heat from halogen lamps wins the race.And guess who's team won! Haha....mine. Victory is sweet man. And we even got prizes for it. Kinda feel bad for the other teams cos we only got the details of the house done today when the other teams got their plan all drawn up already.With measurements and everything. It just goes to show that The Idea behind a concept is so very important in design. The execution might be flawless, but the concept is the stronghold that makes the whole design solid and that is everything. The rest is just money, effort and lots and lots of time. But of course presentation is very important also la. Gosh, learning much huh :D

Neways, industrious day! Love it. So much better than days of moodily reflections. But its all about the balance. The give and take. The journey. The realization, sharing, positiveness and appreciation.

Also also, very happy cos of lots of talk, lots of love and lots of warmth all around. Managing another breakthrough in confessions as the level keeps getting higher and higher is really just the cherry on top of the humongous rainbow colored cake decorated with McD fries around the side that is today.Oh, and it has lines of miniature red roses on the second tier and a sugar icing posies on top :D

Imagination much huh.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Addicted to hanging out at my balcony to gaze at the moon. Its so peaceful. Great zone to mull things over. Kind of riding on a weird vibe these days. Don't know whats gotten into me.


Bewitched by the orb,
Dancing in the night,
Step out into the dark,
and gazing adoringly,transfixed.

Under the glowing moon,
Three souls came to be,
Sipping spirits and reflecting on,
Future, past and present.

The feeling of kinship,
The resounding peace,
The sharing so sound.
But how long can it last?

For as the years pass,
The road shall divide,
Moving on is what that must be,
So appreciate.

Appreciate the now,
All that you have,
All that can be,
For it is everything.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Courage is needed

I've just come to realize something that I've wanted to voice out in a long long time, but never knew what to say or make of this feeling.

I finally know now why I am how the way I am.Simply said, I don't want to walk the line.The line everyone gets forced into from early birth,duped into thinking that this is the way things are, cheated into it by lines and lines of predecessors who did the exact same thing.The rat race we all run,in hopes of achieving higher social-economical status? Sure there will be some who strike a moment of eureka and wanted to rock the boat, but they eventually get pulled down by reality again. Friends and loved ones who cannot understand, pressures of carving out a living, self-doubt.Many factors come to play, and the race is on again. What is the reality of this existence? Who is it who set the rules the majority runs by? Ultimately, what do we really want from life. And dare we kindle a fire that shall set our lives ablaze.

Living of the grid, boycotting mass production, going back to the old days of wilderness seems like a novel idea.Can it really be done in an age where we are over independent on technology?I sometimes feel that the little people should join forces and combat the greed and control of the powers that be.But then again, everyone wants a comfy life.Life as it is is hard enough without bothering much about the major issues. As long as prices are down, and the living is good, nobody really cares.

Is it too much to ask? To just pack up and leave.To discover the world and through that who I shall be.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Haha...had yummy dinner just now. So want to make ppl jealous...nolar nolar, im not that evil. Its just there's this Taiwanese restaurant here that makes the best chinese food and their yummiest dish is えびマヨー(Mayonnaise slathered prawn) that's super goooooooooooood. It's so good that we count the prawns beforehand so nobody tries to eat more. HA.....imagine that. And I have a pic of it in my hp. Haha...cos I was swooning over it the first time I ate it :D

So today is my first try in trying to recreate this dish. And its not too bad. Just needs a bit more tweaking.But i doubt i can ever reach the awesomeness that is the real deal.

and since Im on the subject of's Joann's famous Shepherds Pie! I finally ate it :D and its super yums! Everyone must try to trick her into cooking it. Its really good :D Thanks Boann <3

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cest la vie

Honesty is the best policy. So some say, but is it true all the time?Sometimes it is perhaps better to apply a little restraint. Least not unwanted accidents happen.So it is best to do as Moody says and to always remain in a state of constant vigilance!Sure sometimes we tired of it and commit errs and blunders.Or sometimes the subconscious tries to take a hand in things, or rebellion kicks in, or a myriad of little things can be the cause.But at the end of the day, it can all be tidied up nicely.The most important thing is to always keep an open mind and to rise above all the challenges the universe likes to hurl around.

Good company is like old wine.Why?Because, one, they are extremely rare. Two, they take time to age. It requires all the right conditions, the proper ingredients, occasional pokes and prodding here and there, lots of patience and lots of heart.But when its right its right. It'll warm you to your toes and keep your head spinning long after.

I am so grateful and as always humbled by how life takes its course. Sometimes you get thrown a low ball, or maybe a high ball. But always, always, you can expect the unexpected. There might be long droughts whereby you hunger and thirst, drop drowning in a deep black hole or get dazed in a sea of white mist. But you can always look forward to bright sunshiny days, with puffy clouds and long stalks of dancing grass, and literally,literally hear music in the air as fat fluffy birds fly overhead and you can't help but feel a dance in your step as you step forward into your next great adventure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010