Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random updates...

Loooooonnng long time never post up stuff edi. Berry the sorry. Here's some random stuff that I've been meaning to post up.

Autumn Leaves in Kibune-Kyoto
Really super the leng place. Its like some forgotten gem. All peaceful and tranquil. Is loves. Too bad did not have more time to explore more of this place.

Bird house by the road side!! I is excited!!
No birds anymore....
Not even a smite of eggshells...
Poor old nest,
wif moss growing out of you,
Hope you get some new fwens real soon.Super interesting kulat thinge growing on this tree trunk. Gross but cool.

Picnic by the stream. Super the good feng shui or not. In front got mountain stream, behind got mountain. Got this super convenient shed wif tables. Got good fwens around. And check out the homemade spread. Muahahaha...

Looking like homeless ppl. Hehehe....
Mossy thinge again. Serious that place is so damp, its crawling wif lumut,moss, kulat and all that kind of thinge.

Birthday prezzie
Handmade of course! Made cake wif ZI too. Actually, I only did the decoration part. Its a lemon snail cake. Wif chocolate bits down the side to depict stool. Muahahaha....
X'mas Cookies
Fuyoh!Super the christmas spirit or not. Got mood so made some cookies and spread it around for some christmas cheer.

下手クソな模型of a fairyhouse
Huhuhu....not enough sprinkle of fairydust huh. Teng said it looks like a model of some beachside house. Totally out. But it looks ok la i think. likey the roof.
Who said I can't leave blank spaces?
Had an urge to do stg wif oil pastels. Super the hisashiburi. Like so totally used it so much back in secondary sch. The creamy texture, bits of it flaking everywhere, smudgeing it into the paper, scraping it off with ruler when applied to thick and hastly repairing the was a love hate relationship. Mostly hate thought. Cos I always felt that the results were too solid and fake looking. Cos was always told to color everything, no blanks. Actually not told, it was expected of you. Super the tiring to cover the whole background....and does not look natural. Ya I know, should mix more colors then ok rite, layer upon layer. But I didn't know that last time. And the stigma bout oil pastels for beginners. Geez, so not d fair for the innocent oil pastels. Cos when done right can be real stunning. I guess the gist is art teachers should give more free range to students. There is no such thing as rules in art.

Wah, epic. I should coin this statement.

"There is not such thing as rules in art"
-Joyce C

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first handmade tea cup!


The tea cup that I made in Nara came today! I is super happy! Love it lots. Came at the perfect time too. Cos about a week ago, someone chipped my beloved Snoopy cup that I left to dry in the kitchen. (T_T) Was sad. But you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new!

Welcome new cup!
See its so leng. All shiny. The best part is cos I made the rim real wavy to resemble flower petals, its so unsymmetrical that when you rotate it slowly, it looks real different. It ended up not looking as much as a Lotus as I would have liked, but I could not mold the cup anymore than I did cos I made the cup too thick. On the whole, I think it turned out not bad. For my first try in pottery :D

I like this side best cos it looks like a maple leaf.

The pottery guy taught us this cool thing whereby you make an indention by applying pressure. I was so impressed that I made 3. Muahahaha...

See, know what I mean by it looking different from different angles right!

Testing use my cup for the first time. No matcha in stock so used milo. Baru Malaysian mah. Hahaha.....Real happy that I made it thick now, cos the weight is perfect for a tea cup.

Imagine a cold dreary day, you`re back from sch, all cold and grumpy, cupping a warm cup that fits perfectly in your hands, you can feel the heat radiating into your frozen hands, ahhhh......

Now smell the aroma a bit, hmmmm......

Rotate the cup a bit to admired it. Then enjoy lah.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Serious...a very マサカ punya thinge happened to me tonight!

U know what happened to me!!!

I got barred from entering my room tonight!!

and you know what by???

By my mountain of laundry!!

Can you imagine!

Me! Cannot enter my room! Cos the sliding door kena block by my cupboard door which was being sandwiched by my laundry...

Huhuhu..... woe is me.

so what to do.... i got zhong ing to help me and we both tried to pry the door open wif a broom. Brilliant plan. Seriously.... using leverage theory and everything it really should work. Problem is, our hands were not strong enough cos the other end of the broom too long edi.

So what to do, what to do....

I ended up climbing into my room from zhong ing`s room.

Muahahahaha...... kengness right.

Thought that since PPKTJ days were long over, i would never climb windows to get into my room anymore. Manatau....

Muahahahaha.....what fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First time go Japanese hospital !

Got a bit sick after playing too much last week. Feeling super the tired, sore throat, headache, a bit flu, a bit fever.....

Wahhhh..... influenza symptoms or not you tell me !

Kinda worried, so today went to hospital to make sure. But this morning feeling so much better edi. But hor still better go, cos next week I die die also wanna go Okinawa.


Look at all the ubat I got. Super keng. Have to eat so much meh! 5 diff types, summore got paper to explain bout the ubat. Keng!

Anywayz, since doctor say sakit biasa only, and say I can go Okinawa, I is super happy! Banzai!

Nara Foreign Students Trip

Last weekend, went to Nara with foreign students from 4 kosen`s. Wakayama, Maizuru, Akashi and Nara kosen. We did many Nara-ish things....

Like making pottery.....

My first pottery pot !!! Happy! Excited to see the result. Gonna arrive in one month. Tanoshimi!

We went to see the otera otera, and had tea ceremony taiken.
We feed the deer shika-senbei and step on their shit.
And I did some not so Nara-ish things like making lots of new boyfren sementara!
Muahahaha.... I is so damn hiaw. ;D
Nabeshima sensei <3
Met up wif lots of old frens and made lots of new frens too! Super happy! Too bad I won`t get to follow next yrs trip. But nevermind, at least this last foreign student trip during my kosen life has lots of wonderful momories. I is gonna treasure em. Heehee...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Aftermath of typhoon

Saw real cool clouds yesterday while out on the bike. Stormy, moody, gloomy and far far away. The scene nearby was fresh and cooling after the rain. A blanket of silence buffers the humming of the engines. As the train shot through the background, all was a surreal world of floating colors.

When emotions run amok, I turn to the world of color and brushes. Something about it sucks you in, suspend time, stills the mind, and then you emerge back into the world, gazing at the paper in front of you and wondering what it all means.
Like the first one most. But, thought it was too plain so added more and more, and the end result sucks. Wished I had just stuck with the first one. So smart lah, ini akibat for not listening to chinese proverb " Adding feet to snake".

Gah, padahal know that my dry on wet technique sucks. Only my wet on wet is best. Look at the clouds la, Im always very happy with how my clouds turn out one. GAh... I know la, i know, have to practice more.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

休校! no sch cos of taifu no 18. Muahahaha....

Actually not directly hit by taifu, its just cos of danger cos by strong winds and such. Still muahahaha.......cannot believe that there is not sch, cos the taifu is far away edi. And the weather is like super windy and cloudy only.

Anyways, planning to be a good student and do work today. Hahaha....wanna do some 景観工学 - closes translation into english would be Landscape Engineering. Guess what our first assignment is? Its to pick a location that you think is beautiful, then Draw, I repeat DRAW a sketch or take a picture of the place, then do a presentation in class to explain why you think it is beautiful, or what can be done to improve the overall scenery. Isn`t it cool. A class all about protecting, planning, perfecting the landscape so its easy on the eyes. Sighhhhhhhh...... :D

Then there`s also

防災工学-Disaster Prevention Engineering
環境工学 - Environmental Engineering
海岸工学 - Coastal Engineering
都市計画 - City Planning

and a given one 工業英話-Engineering English

This class is super entertaining. Cos the teacher, Mr Herbert is kinda funny in a lame way. He tries to make jokes and sometimes they work, but most times they fail, cos the Jps dun understand him. Hahaha.....and when he tries his best to speak Jpnese, its real funny. Granted he did improve ever so slightly within this 2 yrs. The relationship between the Jps and english and foreign ppl is so remarkable there are no words to describe it. Its something you have to experience to understand and I am so glad I have this wonderful chance to be here.

This is why I`ve been waiting patiently for so long for 5th yr to come; so there are all these cool classes to take. Muahahaha..... you know im so crazy i took ALL the electives just becos :D

anywayz, signing of to enter the kingdom of nerd-dom.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hari Raya in Yuge!

First of all....take 3 and a half hours train to Onomichi Station in Hiroshima ken. Fufufu....not cheap oh.

Next.....take 1 hr ferry to Yuge jima.B`cos to bored.....

Finally sampai!!! time makan!
Yeah!!! Hidangan malam tu....Nasi Ayam. :DDDDD
Then i realised that the last time i ate Nasi Ayam was in PPKTJ (T_T)
then pandai2 announced it to ppl......Huhuhu.....its so sad they also tumpang kesian me O.O"

Nasi Ayam was SUPER the Sedap!!! The rice was fragrant, sup super sweet cos made of 7 chickens o.O , chicken nicely marinated and fried, chili hot! , nice fresh greens!! Heaven.
Super hot! One spoon is enough....can feel my stomach burning! daya ketahanan for chili memang very lousy one :(Air third love after milo peng and sundrop :DDD
MC working hard making Daigakuimo....otherwised known as ubi goreng dgn gula hangus! Hahaha.......
Amalina n me!

Ohhhh....Nasi ayam! I lap u!

Had seconds......haha...okok...more like 3 rounds. :PPPP
Was eating like a possessed person.
Finally its Pagi Raya!!! is shamelessly posting up pic of me trying out tudung.

Beef curry!
Chicken rendang

Satay sauce. Super nice!

***Shameless Camwhore Pics***

Outing to ze beach right in front of ze place we were staying at.

***Camwhore 2nd round***

Dinner that night was barbeque!!!

Marinating the chicken n beef wif mayo! Kengness. It really tastes better! oolalala... nice. Much to my surprise. Cos i had some horrible ichijiku jam b4.

Using DSLR to spot the ring around Jupiter. Even with the naked eye, its possible to see. Super cool! Do try it out guys. Its the brightest object in the sky now.
Half naked guys barbequing....
Dunno how they do it......most of the food ended up looking like this. >.<

Playing with fireworks. Super fun.
This one is suppose to be the mushi firework thinge. Its in the shape of an insect and actually flies when you light it up. Super cool!
Ground spinners. Learned a fun way of playing em. Instead of letting em spin on the ground, throw em far away instead. Looks real leng.

Next morning. Breakfast time!

Sambal was super nice. Loves!

Muka shiawase!!! Hahaha........once a year onli, allowed to be a glutton ok!

This is sirap ros super extra kau! Im so going to buy this when i go back next time.

Play a bit b4 goin back. Do u see wat i c below :P


Ze obor2.....

All in all. This yrs Raya is da best! Cos of lots of food, frens and fun times. Haha....learned lots bout cooking from helping em cook too. Kengness is the cooking. Cos we basicly prepare food, cook food, eat food, wash a bit......then continue the cycle again for the next meal. Omo-omoness.......

Had fun priming up for raya with the girls too. Haha.....and lots of Thanks Amalina, for lending me ur kurung. Hehe....sorry for forgeting mine thought u reminded me dunno how many times :PPP