Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do not read this.

Wanna take a moment to destress.
Too much work going on these past weeks.
Reports, Sekkei, and little kadai`s all jumbled up.
Minus schooling hours and there`s only about 7hrs left till bed time on a weekday.
Cook, eat, washup, bath, wash baju, general pottering about cleaning, take away 2 hours.
Left with 5 hrs to do work.
But is it possible to use up every minute of it doing work?
Inevitably, I would succumb to on9 surfing, reading my latest book or stg.
But is that bad?
I can`t be expected to do work 24/7 right?
Humans need recreation too!
What more CNY!
Ok then, give you 1 hr recreation time.
Slot em in between work time.
Now left wif 4 hrs.
4 hrs is not a lot.
Wanna study also no time to study.
Ok then, cut sleeping time.
How long?
1, 2 hrs kua.
Hah, sure or not?
ya lah, try lor.
Hi, so how was it?
Cannot la, tired. Almost konked in class, lucky got a grip on myself.
Breaktime, quick quick drink coffee.
Next day, fail mati-matian. Got this teacher who`s retiring right so had a last lecture. In AVA room, you know, heater on, nice and cosy, room is darkened for presentation, teacher drooning on and on and on......before I know it conked till almost the end. First time in my life. I conked so bad! And its a last lecture for this teacher who has taught for 38 yrs. Fail man me.
So how?
Duh, cannot cut sleep la dude.
Make proper use of your 4 hrs.
Helloooo, there`s something called a weekend.
Weekend? Weekend?
I`ll tell you bout weekends.
Weekends are usually filled up wif stuff that either:
A. Im forced to go.
B. I dun wanna go, but if I don`t it won`t look good. You know la.
C. Im gently nudged, pushed, cajoled into going.
D. Me conking out in bed.
E. Ok la, occasionaly there`s stuff I wanna go to one la.
So, so, so.........
How? You tell me how la.
4 hrs lor, u know, the 4 hrs.......

I told you not to read edi wat. If you end up with a headache not my problem k.

p/s: This took half and hr of recreation time. :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Korea Trip - Intro

The fateful trip to Korea to celebrate the holidays began on Dis 23rd. Touchdown was around evening so we only arrived at the hostel around 9pm! This means we actually only have 5 days in Seoul, cos we depart on the 29th. Is there enough time to checkout the sights, eat all the yummy food and shop till our hearts content?

Of course! Checkout members in action at various location for a preview of wat we did in Korea.
Total members 12. 10 girls and 2 boys. Forsee lots of shopping going on...

1) We watched Nanta. Super cool show. Its so different, words cannot describe it. Closes would be Korean Broadway with lots of cooking involved. Super funny. It made me laugh so much, my stomach ached.
Vincent and Xin Ning (unofficial couple of the trip)

2) We went to palace. See I found a lotus.
Joyce (me twas named little red riding hood -_-)

3)We ate a LOT. Many different kinds of things, at all places imaginable.
TangYii and Pik Yee ( Foooddddddd!!!)

4) We went to palace again.
Chi Wern (the vampire werewolf)

5) Its Christmas day and the Metro is packed! This is when the Chinese proverb "People mountain people sea" would not be out of place.
Kelly (phew...I survived :D )

6) After lots of walking and shopping, why not relax with some massage therapy?
Kai Ning (im being bullied! Help!) and May Ching (ahhh....)
7) Gifts exchange to spread the Christmas cheer. :D
Wan Ying, Joceline, Pik Yee and Joann ( everyone say KimChi )
Ok. So thats the preview. After ploughing through all the photoes, I concluded that there is like a lot of stuff to write, and Im gonna end up with heartburn writing everything that went on, so Im going to split it into 3 categories. Food, Shopping and Stuff we did :D

So wait for it lor :P