Tuesday, April 29, 2008

introducing Mr Squiggly!!!!!

Hehehe......been wanting to tell the world about my beloved Squiggly but, it seems there is someone more anxious then me. :D So I`ll let Mr S do all the talking.

Hi eberione, im Squiggly!!!! My mummy hefp me put some pic`s of me up. She say i berry cutee one but, i think i berry handsome lah.
This is my ex-house lor. See...see....it`s the berry super fabuloos gigantus tree at Padang Merdeka in Kuching. Its rilly prime real estate for furry folks rike me u know. My add was

Mr Squiggly,
The biggest room,
Redwoods Treehouse,
3rd Brch, Gigantus Tree,
Padang Merdeka, Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Ok ok lah.....my mum scold me liaw. Say cannot tell lies. Must tell everyone that i was found at Sarawak Plaza one. :(

but nebermind lah. Nomater wat i knows my mum lap me berry much one. See i even get to eat this kind of nuts eberi single day. Oooo.....i lap nuts man. My favurut is the Macadamian nuts. Hmmm.....berry nice.
And when i was in Kch, mum even brought me to Reservoir Park to stretch me paws. Say its good for health worh. Hmm.....must say this park berry nice . Got lots of trees for me to climb.Then after that i go for car ride summore. We go to this place called Open Bazzar next to Electra house i think? Dunno lah, my brain dun rilly remember name one....only pic and smells.......
Oooo.....and i remember the Char Siew Pau mum got there sure smelled nice. Abutthen, i dunno if its nice or not lah......cos im vegetarian mah. Only eat nuts u know!

But sum times not so good also lah. Cos leh, there`s this berry bad uncle at the house u know. Sum time I get hidden away at days on end cos the uncle and mum playing game i think? Not to sure lah. And get berry hungry u know....so many days no food. So i berry smart store nuts in d pocket in my mouth. Kekeke......

Now leh....i am in Japan edi. Cos mum come back to study mah. Hmm....here not to bad also lah. I miss my fwens at home but now got new fwens so ok also lah. One of my fwens is Robert lor. This poor doggie quite kesian one. Cos he not sure if he is guy or girl one.But he/she sure knows how to enjoy life go sun tanning. Nowadays , im also food taster for the food that mum and Robert`s mum (May Ching) cook one.This porridge not to bad lor. Actually, berry nice. Cos after u eat it ha...u feel very 幸福(xinfu). Hehehe....mum says thats because they cook with lurve one. Inside got carrot,mushroom,corn and pork balls summore. Then sprinkle with scallions on top. Eventhought im vegetarian, i try a bit lah. Must give mum sum face one mah.

Ok edi lah. Mum say i talk too much edi. So i stop here lah. Oh...and i tell u a secret before i go ya. Mum`s plant die edi. She say must not tell worh.....kekeke......im an evil Squiggly.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Points to ponder

Recently, reports are making a little mountain on my to do list. Feeling swamped and sometimes as if by reflex I find myself moving way from my desk and reaching out for a book to read. The book currently would be another one by Terry Pratchett (i finished the last one edi), this one is Lords and Ladies...this one is even better and that is all the more reason to read it. Kekeke....

Neways, I know the feeling of a good productive day spend finishing up reports and studying and other stuff so I guess its gonna kill of the reflex thingy. Feeling as if I'm learning how to live life properly all over again. As if i`ve forgotten the important things along the chaotic way and readjustments are needed. Of course, all this happens in an almost automatic I dun even know its happening kind of way. Rediscovering the joys of group work, thought process, discipline, exercise, sunshine, thought provoking conversations, laughter and drive.Had a chat recently that made me realise that humans really do have bad memory powers. It does not only effect little facts and details, it also makes us forget the lessons learnt, the experience gained. However, it helps too in forgetting past regrets and what not. So is it good or bad that we have such weak memory? Or is it not the memory that`s to be blamed but the fact that we are the ones who locked it up and threw away the key?
The human brain never cease to amaze me. Just when u think u know it well, u turn a corner and loose yourself in a great big maze with 2 metre tall hedges or when ur bumbling along operating purely by habit rather than thought, a wave of inspiration strikes and along u go riding the wave. Or what about the time when thoughts and emotions collide in a gigantic cosmic eruption that's totally uncontrollable and we end up hauling the wreckage long after if proper steps were not taken. `Mind over matter` is in my opinion a great motto to follow. Who cares if its cliche? The reason why it got overused in the first place was because it had some gist to it. That`s why sayings rock. Oh...and according to some mag or somewhere somewhat informative program i saw and cannot remember what it is....humans only use around 13-14 percent of our brains. IMAGINE what we are capable of doing if it were 100 percent. The possibilities are endless and mind boggling. Maybe then everyone can bend spoons through sheer will power, contact aliens, time travel or better still do some universe hopping. OK...maybe that`s a tad bit too much....I`ve been reading too much again.

On another note, I think I'm killing the Thyme I bought. I left it out in the sun and er...basically neglected it for a week or so and currently its drying up way bad. I`ve given it a dash of water but the over porous soil just keeps draining it so I`m drowning it in water. In theory it should kill the plant but, I'm hoping that it`ll keep the roots moist and hopefully kick start the plant back to life. I`ve killed hamsters but never plants so I hope this would not be the first. Jeez......and I thought i was Miss Green Fingers before. This is so not good for my reputation.

So lets add oil this weekend! No sudden herbaceous deaths and lots of mucking and crunching.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Terry Pratchett

Have not been feeling like blogging these few days. Im not even that enthusiastic about surfing the net anymore!!!!! How crazy is that!!!!! I guess my Internet detox plan is working. Hehe....

Anyways, I`ve been reading the new Terry Pratchett book I recently bought. Muahahaha.... I Love Terry Pratchett`s books. So much so that im collecting them. Last count 10 books. Not bad since it`s 1/3 of the Discworld series but, i want more more...kekeke.They are just so nice and different from the other books. I cannot even describe how I feel about it but, this came close ( found it in d book)

`Discworld is more complicated and satisfactory than Oz....It has the energy of The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy and the inventiveness of Alice in Wonderland.It also has an intelligent wit and a truly original grim and comic grasp of the nature of things.`

Neways. the book i bought? The title is Maskerade.

This is the new cover- the book i bought is this type :(

(The old cover - me thinks it`s MUCH nicer then the new one but, harder to find edi.
But u know what the Kinokuniya in KLCC is stocked with this man.
Abutthen, cheaper to buy online here. :(
The agony of buying cheaper stuff. )

So far its not bad. It`s based loosely on The Phantom of the Opera and has his signature witches inside. They are the main characters in Wyrd Sisters and are unlike how witches are normally painted.Instead of the usual white witch or black witch with their spells, curses and stuff. Terry Pratchett`s witches are old grandmother like crones with bad attitude and they happen to practice reverse psychology on stupid or just plain ignorant patients instead of spells and enchantments .Story`s bout some deaths and accidents in the Opera House and the witches get caught up in the mist of things as they venture out from Lancre ( where they live) to Ankh-Morpork (the city) in search for a another member to add to their coven. They chanced on a girl with this great voice from Lancre but, she has greater ambitions for herself and got into the Opera. The storyline goes hoo hum most of the time then there will be this interesting or wise snippet or the sudden appearance of DEATH that makes it all worth while.

This guy`s books happen to not follow a set time line and tends to jump a lot. So i guess they aren`t fit for everyone`s palette. However, it will surely be one interesting ride if you dare to follow through.

Friday, April 11, 2008


HeeHeheehe.......Schools out! Now i can use laptop. Kekeke....

no lah...thats not the only reason why im so HAPPY!!!!

The reason why im so happy is because im taking French. Hehehe....

no lah...not only that....

im also so happy because i have soil and water experiments alternating every week now. Muahkakaka.......no more concrete. bla.....concrete is so cold. Soil is so nice :) but it makes my hand dry up lah. :( so have to put moisturiser :(...... so zabo. Next week is water or should i say hydraulics. Yipee!

and im taking economics. Hmm....thought it would be boring but it`s actually not that bad. I feel like im actually gonna learn something but, that might be cos im totally clueless when it comes to economics stuff. See how lah.

and got physics too.....after so long....ok lah only one year but i missed it.

ok lah better not be so nerdy. Now, moving on, later im going out. Kekeke.....go where?

Hanami again lor. Man....i dunno if i should throw up my hands in frustration or be thankful that unlike many people in this world i actually get to see Sakura flowers. At that, not only once every year......but, twice or more for parties and every single bloody day when i step out of the dorm during spring.

okok....i know, choose the latter, right?

Be thankful for everything and never forget to appreciate the small things....

That`s all.

Au revoir.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hanami at 万博公園

What comes to mind when u see this?
  1. Wah!! This park very big hor......
  2. Eh!!! What is that big thing wif horns?Statue? Tower?Eee....who designed this man.
  3. OMG!!! Are those like ppl that I see headed towards the park? O_o
Just some Hanami going on at some park lah.....

Up close of the statue.....takes a little getting use to. And why did me come here? To see flower and take more pictures was one of the initial thoughts but, some how or another,all the sakura trees seem to look the same and no mood lah...

so I took pic of this guy instead. Hehehe......mic is looking real cute wif is helmet on.
some bunga.....

Enough side tracking.....this is wat we came for lah. MSAJ Hanami mah......so here`s the pres talking......and what are the others doing? Listening?Hehehe.....I think not.
Zabo no 1: Eh! This person wanna talk how long somemore? i hungry edi lah.

Tapo no2: Ya lah.....but dun worry, after he fin nia i hurry hurry attack the food.

zapo no1: Gud gud.....i sokong u .

Random tapo: Hmm....nothing to do...take pic lah.

Bystander: Ooo.....wat is this bunch of gaijins (foreigners) doing?So.....after lunch and lots of traveling here and there.....
fast foward time and its now dinner time.....
This is what happens when everyones food does not arrive at the same time.....
Tapo1: Wah....smells good ah....( chopstick reaches out)
anothertapo: Weh....dun touch lah fren.
Tapo2: Wats this wats this.....ooo......(take pic take pic)
Tapo3: Take pic ah....me2 me2
Zabo1: Wah lau....why u all like that one?
Zab02: Hehehe.....this is so interesting.
Zabo3: Hmm...my ramen is soooo yummy....


wat? More food ? Yes!!!

This one sure yummy one. Ceh! How you know? Cos the line is the longest one mah .Kekeke...

A different side of Namba; when the sun shines bright instead of the neon advertisement signboards and u get to see this if u like us rough it out singing K and catching some Z`s.Going back happy but somewhat tired out.
Sch starts Mon. Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Spring is here. The flowers are blooming. I don`t know why but i`ve caught a bug. I can`t seem to get enough of going out to see flowers and taking pictures of them.

How could they be so gorgeous? Amazingly, i am still not satisfied. Feel like going to some park next.