Friday, May 30, 2008

Kebahagiaan Makanan :D

Hari ini hari yang bahagia. Kenapa kau tanya? Haha.....kerana saya telah menikmati `kebahagiaan makanan`. Kekeke.....Kebahagiaan ini sangat senang di perolehi. Hanya dengan wujudnya makanan yang sedap belaka dan perut yang sedia menerima, anda juga boleh menikmatinya. Saya rasa semua orang pasti mengetahui apa yang sedang di katakan saya kan? :P

Hari ini bermula dengan peperiksaan bahasa perancis yang lebih senang dari yang disangka-sangkakan dan dituruti kertas hydraulik yang memeningkan dengan soalan perhitungan yang komplex dan soalan yang banyak. Akibatnya, kepala saya amatlah pening jadinya. Sedangkan saya sedang berehat-rehat, datang pula serikandi yang wahai cantik jelita dengan kesulitannya yang tidak banyak berbeza dengan saya. Justru, kita mula bersembang dan tanpa disedari masa sudah kian berlalu bah butiran pasir yang ditiup angin.Entah macam mana jadinya, kita berbasikal pula ke kolam dimana serikandi yang cantik itu melaksanakan amanah yang ditugaskan kepadanya. Berfaedah juga kepada gadis ini kerana dapat berbasikal melapangkan fikiran dan menghayati keindahan alam semulajadi.

Setelah pulang dari perjalanan kita, wahai serikandi yang cantik jelita mengalami transformasi pula menjadi chef terunggul di daerah ini.
Chef unggul ini telah mendapat inspirasi untuk memasak daging yang dibalut dengan daun kubis. Huhu....teknik ini tidaklah baru, tetapi dengan cara masakan chef ini yang mencurahkan kasih sayang kedalam masakkannya bukan calang-calang punye tau. :D
Ooooo.....balutan kubis yang sedang dimasak.
Inilah, saat yang ditunggu-tunggukan. Dengan bangganya, saya membawa kepada anda live dari seri pentas, masakan terunggul abad ini.....Balutan Kubis. Kekeke.....

Oleh kerana, kubis tu nampak sunyi sangat, makanlah dengan bihun keTuna dengan tomato ke.......

BAHAGIA !!!!!!

Sementara saya sangat high.......saya ingin memperkenalkan masakan lain yang `Bahagia`
Nasi goreng campur apa sahaja yang ditemui dalam peti sejuk ke almari makanan. :DAyam masak lima jenis rempah ratus.Ayam masak merah.

Dan ini pula merupakan labu yang tidak dapat dihabiskan dan telah di sumbatkan kedalam peti sejuk buat seminggu lebih. Hahaha......  tengoklah lumut yang sedang tumbuh tu. Sangat gelikan rakan-rakan ku. Siapa cakap kerja memasak ni tak datang dengan bahayanya juga.

Nota kecik: Hehe...aku pun tak tahu kenapa datang pula angin menulis dalam BM. Saje nak syiok sikit.Hahaha...dah beberapa tahun dah tak pernah tulis k. Kalau silap tolong betulkan ye. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008




Why is it not going in????????????????????


OK.....I know.

I change diff subject to study.

Sorry...crapping edi.

Just now talking to Linh also forgot how to say `last year` in japanese. Hahaha.....he say i too stress edi. I think i sit at the desk d whole day until blur blur edi.

Ok lah....

*end rant*


*if see me online please scold me ah!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Golden Week Gathering 2008 (Day Three)

Just realised that i`ve missed out the third day of GW. here i am. The third day is d day we leave this beautiful haven and go back to our respective kosen. Oh....all the gorgeous tall trees, muddy dirt pathways, fresh air, mossy bridge,woody fire, insect and chirping i miss u. And because i truly and utterly love that log cabin that us gals stayed putting up more pics.Kekeke... Ooo....sunlight spilling into d room.....
Kinda dark cos no flash and lack of natural light in this corner. Gotta embrace d darkness sometimes. Kekeke....*evil thoughts flashing*
D entrance or should i say 玄関(genkan).
Oooo....the gorgeous tall trees i mentioned. Such a soothing green .Ahh......maple leaves that are still green, fallen onto ze pathway....So then ......without so much as a backward glance a last farewell, we were whisked of to d train station. Adieu.....till we meet again my sweet.

So after that, its a flurry of traveling and eating and shopping and walking and resting and stuff......and fast foward time *vinyl record scraping sound*.....tada....its dinner time. And Monjyayaki is on d menu along with okonomiyaki and yakiniku. This shop lets u cook wat u order and since i neber ate monjyayaki before i order lah. Neber been a great fan of d cook urself restaurant.Since im paying good money for food it makes no sense if i have to cook it myself rite?! If i wanna cook i won`t eat out rite?But since neber try seems like a berry good and interesting thing to endeavour in rite.

Ahem.....all i have to say is i did not know that there was water inside the cup topped with cabbage, so it was not my fault that when i poured it onto the hot plate......a berry keng volcanic eruption of vaporized water entertained all and cast looks of worry onto the waitresses working there who seem to appear more frequent at me table after. Serious, if looks could kill, those that i got would render me paralysed or worse. >.< Me table. Had great fun throwing random sauces and decorating d okonomiyaki wif mayo and green flakes of veg thingy and the ever so yummy bonito(dried fish flakes) while squabbling wif ze company.D other much casualty free table. Oh ya....u see that guy. That one with the striped Nike shirt...I wanna thank him for pestering the dudes to pay me money for the gro. Thanks to you everyone coughed up their dough and made my job much easier. :D And d other table. After, and a bit of detour and stuff we all went to d station where it all started to meet up and go our separate ways. Met Mior, Idris and Nik as well. Aww......won`t it be nice if ALL could meet up.All in all must say this gathering was a blast. In fact, it was so much so that it took a while for my brainwaves to settle down. My head was literally brimming with info, adrenaline, gossip , images and ideas. Overdosed on talking and fun i guess. And all of this is Thanks to.....this two guys.....Hiu and YK.YK: Hah.....oh....thank q...thank q. No lar no lar....actually Hiu did all the planning and stuff one. *grin grin*

Hiu: ah ? No lah.....*mumble mumble* u say like that i paiseh one leh. (looks at feet while fingering the keys to d rooms) *shy* so evil. And lots won`t happen as well if not for these fabuloos gals..........(i put this pic up ....dun kill me hah....MUAHKAKAKAKA)Itu ced nak credit for ini picture here lah. U very kiang take pic.....happy? :P
And we must not forget the bunch of dudes also. I thought i`d have to wait till the sky falls down and the seas turn red to see guys happily scrubbing way at d sink. Must say that they have really stepped up. And of course we cannot but remember all the sempais who toiled at d fire making curry for us and the little miget kohais who run around doing their thing and reminding us of wat we used to be like.

So yeah....great GW....lets have more and more...bla bla you all...muahmuahmuah Dunno why i really like this picture. Credit to Cedric. I think the little gals emotion is captured really well. She`s like " U wanna take me picture izzit. Huh! I dun care.....*puts on besong face, cross hands*

Random fluff

Hands on work beats boring monotonous desk work by a long shot. Many insights into the practicality of each step can be gained.

I`m falling in love with weeds all over again (Thanks to MayC)
Why do i end up running the show most times when we are doing experiments? It has been like this since Secondary sch days. Sigh....

Trying to remember the detailed dreams i get but failing miserably....

How nice it would be to have a pet right now....Hmmm....a nice cuddly Golden Retriever maybe?

What should i do first? Reports? 課題? Study? 演習?

I wonder if fairies exist? And dun say u dun believe in them. One might just fall down dead! >_< Oooo.....loved the newest TP book i got during GW. Its bout vampires one. Just finished it. Berry nice.

Exam next week.....eeekkk.......gotta buck up.

i think i need more exercise liaw. Me jogging shoes are crying out for attention.

Do u feel like helping the world sometimes? The current situation is just unbearable. Disasters everywhere, political instability, lack of food supply, environmental issues......seems like the end is near!

Have you heard of the Nostradamus prediction? Its predicted that the world will end 2012!!! Believing in it or not......would you live your life any different from what you are doing now? Do u have wishes or dreams that you want to do but have been putting on hold because of various unavoidable reasons?Maybe its time to break free!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

I have a as MayC calls it an artsy-fartsy french movie to tell u guys about.

The title in English is "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain
".Its not ur average Hollywood blockbuster and its kinda on the quirky side but it is nevertheless very interesting to watch. :) I like the way the story is told, lots of details and the camera has a good eye too. Very nice arrangement of the scenes and d lines. And i really like the talking pictures and d pig lamp. So try it if ur up to it. :P

*oh ya....and i better put up a warning cos its not for children. So dun blame me if u get queasy at the explicit scenes. It`s a french movie after all. Keep and open mind.

Here`s d trailer.

Golden Week Gathering 2008 (Day Two)

To tell ya the truth, i almost no hati wanna write bout the GW thing edi lah. It feels like so long ago edi. Kekeke.....but since bo pian edi write nia lah.So day two started wif me waking up early.....i dunno why also cos i usually sleep till REALLY late.

So im guessing all the greenery and the gorgeous can die log cabins are the reason. Cos I tell u it was totally worth everything just to be able to sleep in d cabin and waking up to see nature in all her splendour. Since i was so inspired by the cabin, i went around to tgk -tgk all the cabins that we booked and im proud to say that us girls had the best one. Kekeke.....See see....its like so nice rite. And this is just a small part of the cabin we lived in. Its open planed and has steps to seperate the sleeping area with the living area. That`s what im guessing. So we used the lower part to store luggage and the cooking utensils that were unceremoniously dumped into our room and the upper part to sleep and hang out.The poles to hold up the place is really yummy cos its made from a whole tree and you can still see bits of inner bark and the wood grain. So NICE!!!! Can run ur fingers along the wood grain, hug the pole and breath in the musky woody smell. Yum!! And im guessing the whole cabin is made from pine thats why it has such a nice white and light quality to it. And sum more sum more....see the exposed beams on the celling nice!!!! And the little windows so that sunlight can stream through......Wwwaaaahhh!!!!!!! Love love love.....lalala.Anyway, back to reality.....we had not really enough raw ingredients for the barbecue going on that nite so we gotta go out and buy some and gladly did....any reason to skip the hiking. Kekeke.....saw the muddy shoes from ppl who went edi and deduced that it won`t be a joyride. And feedback from the ppl that went eventually was not that enthusiastic either.Kekeke.....

So off we went, traversing down the 1km path we climbed up last nite and saw this..... Its a pondok selling veg from the farm. U can actually see the veg plots in the background. Usually this kind of pondok is found in ULU places in Japan. Basicly it works like this, see stg u like, grab it and put the correct amount of money into the box located on the right hand side of the pondok. There are labels clearly stating how much wat cost so u know how much to pay. Very simple idea and everyone is happy cos some poor soul does not need to sit there the whole day to sell stuff and the customer gets to buy their stuff fast and hassle free. So simple, so good.....but sadly, this will no way no how work in M`sia. I can just imagine all the veg being stolen away and the money too......if any were put in in the first place. Some go as far as to say that the basket might be stolen away too.......o_O"Before long, we reached the bus stand and had to wait for d bus. Perfect time for a little picture taking.......

And we bought stuff and got back and played badminton and barbecued and washed up and had camp fire and lots of stuff......and since was so busy.....there is not pictures. Kekeke....

Then nite came, and there was more time so i went around to take pic`s of the cabins...kekeke. Took lots lah. Some of the places were real nice but either my camera`s lousy or my pic taking skills sucks.....and they end up not that great. So....this are some nia lah.....
And then....some how or another, we all ended up in the largest cabin to have some chit chat ....very similar to wat we did the last skiing trip. Not bad, quite fun.Group pic of my batch. YEAH!!! But, too bad some ppl are missing edi cos to tired went to sleep edi.And we walked back to our yummy cabin in the drizziling rain to catch some Zzzzz`s. And that`s the end of the second day. Yeah...i made it. Wrote stg. Kakaka....Its lousy i know. Muahkakaka......but i dun wanna care. >_<

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother`s Day + Outing to Himeji!!!!

Today is the second Sunday of May so its Mothers Day!!! A big shout out to my mum:

I Lap U Berry Berry much!!!!!

So much so that there is not a day that goes by when i do not think bout cha. U`ve always been the most understanding and kind mum anyone could ever wish to have. No matter what your day has been like, u would always listen to my chatter, complaints and what not. I never thought more of it last time as i thought all mum`s are like superman with superhuman strength.But at the end of the day, u`re only human, but u still gave us all Ur undivided attention, never once complaining about us, the problems, the burden.You cared about us and feed us body and soul. Mould us to be who we are and still do so even today.You run a tight ship with a super well stocked kitchen and spotless household, but you have such a kind and generous heart. Im humbled and bowled over to learn at your feet, learning bout life, about family and relationships.

I will always remember how you would tuck us in every night.Your soft hands caressing our foreheads, your gentle smile and how you would always look back after closing the light. Although you never say it out loud, i can feel the depth of your love for us. It warms me to my toes and makes me wonder if what i do will ever be enough. I am not a child no more but, you are my mum forever and evermore and nothing will ever change that fact.

Went to Himeji today for the Confectionery Expo. I`ve been hankering to go ever since i saw the posters last year. The best thing is that i got tickets free from my host parent. happy! Unfortunately, i got canceled on last minute and could not find anyone to go with me since everyone is busy so, i went alone. OK, i was not alone. Squiggly came along too. :) Today Mother`s Day abutthen i must go out wif my mummy.Kekeke.....

It was totally fabulous and i had a great time. The expo stretched into Himeji Zoo so i got to see many animals as well. Sad to say, they are not so well taken of and a few of them have scabies. Their hides are somewhat in a bad shape and the enclosures aren`t big enough. But, i guess this is just a small zoo so they might not have enough funds to make things the way it should be. But i can see that they do care for the animals after the guy feeding the seals explained to the small crowd bout the seals and what they do to care for them, so its not that bad. At least they do care.

Snowy Owl.....Harry Potters pet!!!Red Fox

This parrot can say 今日は(good afternoon)

Enough of animals, lets move on to yummy FOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Made from bread.....keng leh
Haha...this cake reminds me of Joann.....(dun kill me hah)
Reminds me of MCR`s Gerard Way
And that in turn reminds me of Chuck from Gossip Girl....drools...He`s hwat !!!
Besides all the okashi, there were other attractions as this corny show. I almost muntah darah when the stupid mascot appeared, worse still....4 little girls in neon colors!!! Argh.......

But, this show apparently attracts a much younger crowd.....the little girl next to me was so into it lah. Goodness.... but the little girls can rilly dance man. Sum more so young.....keng lah. Pei fu them.
There`s also this sweets making money to learn making sweets but, have ppl gawking at u instead. See the woman so paiseh. Kekeke....but im also bad lah. Not suppose to take pic one. Kekeke....
Ok lah....damn tired edi.Walk whole day. Sum more went to Kokoen again.....but, cannot continue edi lah.....have to sleep. TTFN.