Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Lap IKEA!!!

And I shall say it again! I lap IKEA!
Why? Oh, only just because they have the best service around, not to mention the affordable, simple yet stylish designs. And the fact that the designs are easily fixed up, no wrestle and hassle with complicated manuals, and they work really well. And the showrooms are GREAT! I just love spending time there to soak it up and get ideas. You can see all the work and thought gone into producing all this stuff and its so inspiring. Been to IKEA`s in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan to date and I`ve got to say. I enjoyed it every single time. Gosh, I know. I sound so infatuated. Well what to do? I give praise when its deserved. :D

Before I bore you any further. Let`s hop on the free shuttle service to IKEA. You can just tell there will be oodles of pictures coming up huh? :P
When we first got there and got gobsmacked with the awesome showrooms, I tell you, my eyes was blurring cos it could not keep up with the sights in front of me. Haha...... just had to soak it up and let it all sink in. I could tell, MayC was blurring too. Haha..... cos she did not speak to me for a long time and kept touching stuff, sitting down on sofas and pottering about. But all that was before we went
"Wah, so nice!"
"Eh, thats cool."
"Maaaannnn, I wish I could buy that but, I know its not practical"
"OMG, look at that"

So after reality sunk in, the first pic.
Oh, this I really like. Wall to wall, filled with nothing but books! And since just normal shelfs alone are so boring and last century, add cupboards, lighting, some deco, and don`t forget the amazing can die for ladder on the left handside, and you get a really nice reading room. Oh wait, I forgot, a nice and cosy armchair, reading light, coffeetable and carpet. Gosh, I think I just found the perfect design for my dream reading room. *Swoons*
Another mirror, and darling MayC could not resist.
This room did not get made up that nice. But check out the cool torch flame lighting. So totally cool for a castle themed bedroom. And the candy striped armchair`s cool too. and the battlements on the wall is just divine. I was thinking, throw away the ulgy placemat under the torch and replace wif a cool parchment of a castle map. Have a dark green or blue shade for the bedspread with golden tassles if possible. Add a crocodile carpet and a joker pillow to the armchair. Don`t know why, but all these just came to mind. :D
This is another cool thing. Can you figure out what it is? Hehe....this can possibly solve all your laundry problems. The tree-like thinge is to hang clothing that can still be worn, and the black hole is for you to throw all your laundry in. Totally atas compared to a laundry basket no? :DO ho. And we have reached the toy section. MayC persuaded me to camwhore with the crocodile.And I avenged myself right back. Although, I think she rather enjoyed it. :PPPNow its time for our lunch break. Check out the cafeteria.
Lunch consist of :
MayC`s Apple pork delight

Joyce`s Beef steak
I forgot the real names. Just simply give one ah. Don`t blame me when you do go and see different names on the menu. Or when you order MayC`s Apple pork delight and you get blank stares.

Mum always told me to finish my food...

The warehouse. Super the huge.
Le penseur de IKEA

Batgirl in actionBatgirl feeling peckish after all the exercise, hence the hotdog break. And I got free hotdog from batgirl. It came with full service summore. :D
These are so cool. But they remind me of udders.
See, what did I tell you. Full service man. So leng summore. Thanks batgirl :D I lap you too.
Elderflower drink. Interesting huh. Thought it might taste herby. But its really normal beverage, kinda nice and refreshing with just a hint of vegetative extract.
Last but not least, meet MayC`s new family of rats. Yes, rats. There`s Scabbers, Pinky, and the other two would be from Rattatoulie, but we forgot their names. That`s all folks.

Xamz oba!!!

Well, technically free, in the sense that there will be no more exams.
Still have work to do, then hand in. Then there`s entrance exams also.
But who cares, im finally free. :D

Going to IKEA wif MayC tomorrow to checkout furniture. No, thats today already! Happiness! Its been so long since i last step foot in any IKEA outlets, anywhere. Hope they have nice stock in now so i can cuci mata. :DDD

Then got farewell party, frens coming and goin home and trip. Wweeeeee!!!!!!

Goodbye boring, mundane kosen days. Hello March!

Monday, February 16, 2009

C`est la vie

Aujourd'hui j'ai appris cela....
fouet et bonbons

ce qui vous signifient?
je vous montrerai

comme je mémorisais

J`aime live et voyager.
Je veux aller à Paris en avenir.
Je veux visiter les nombreux musées de Paris.
Le frais coutera cher.
J`épargne déjà l`argent.

je suis devenu une île!
oh la douleur...
mais j'ai obtenu une brochure de Louvre :D
je suis si heureux!
la récompense vient après dur labeur

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Caged like an animal pacing, walking around and around the cage.
Thinking wtf was i thinking when i let myself get caught.
No enemies of the pride, ppl to bring me food and water everyday, fly surrounding.
That`s the high life, or so it seemed to be.
Scratching and etching the days on the wall.
They loom like more walls and wire.
Bored, bored, boredom.
The 2 beside me are all loonies.
Will i be one in time?
The humans keep peering at me, all the time.
Even in the loo?
Give me some privacy will ya.
Oh no, the loonies are at it again.
Geez, shut up already will ya.
I ain`t listening to yer crapping another night.
When will it end, when will i be free.
Should i break free and make a run for it.
I know the guards can`t run to fast.
The question is do i dare to change my life forever.

Alex the Lion.

Friday, February 13, 2009


New Year`s over, bring back all the black. Muahahahahaha......
Been suppressing the urge to paint me nails black. Now can edi. And nobody can stop me. :P
After exam la. Now want to STUDIE!!!!

Studie oh Joyce STUDIE.
While studying, Im playing Rihanna`s Disturbia like a deranged lunatic. Humming it along even in classes. Man, its crazy to have a song stuck i ze head.
And so zun now she`s all over the news. No, not cos of her amazing GUCCI ad, cos it seems like she got beaten up by her idiot bf. Man, if there`s one thing i hate, loaf, detest the most is guys hitting girls. There is no reason big enough for a guy to lay a hand on a woman, ever.

Influenza is taking me school by storm. More accurately, my ryo. Every single day, i hear announcements to wash hand and stuff. But boys block only lah. Thankfully we girls are free of the bug. Poor Kim is one of the unfortunate ones. He`s in an isolation room and all. Muahahaha......kidding kidding. Hope he gets better soon lah. Low humidity has activated the bugs, people, do take care and take the necessary precautions.

Valentines Day is tomorrow!
I can`t believe i got 4 stuff edi.
Not to be shocked.
They are all from those of the female persuasion.

Gah....i think i talked enough crap edi.
Hope my faithful reader is happy *wink wink*

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back from Ski trip!

Had Kosen ski trip last weekend. This time with tutors too.
Super syiok I tell you.
First day mizore, wet kau kau. My handphone almost died on me cos masuk water.
The Mizore was damn evil, beat down on our face like mad. Was wishing for terrorist face mask as protection againts the evil ice bullets.
Second day, FINALLY......SNOW!!!
YES to powdered snow!
Super nice to board. Cos it goes carak,carak like that.....its like music to my ears. :D

Not to mention the nice scenery. Damn leng can.
Almost regret not goin to the PPKTJ ski trip. Cos can board more mah. But just an almost, Muahahaha..........

But now......whole body aching.
Can feel all my muscles telling me to pity them and stick some salonplast on.
Should I be nice? Or torture them some more?
Have taken a liking to the pain. Kekekekeke.....

Bye bye lah, goin to nurse my wounds.