Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sinaran mentari menembusi awan

Hari ini aku rasa aku dah makin tua. Benar tu, tak tipu. Memang pun dah fikir macam ni buat suatu masa dah, tapi, hari ni macam.....woooo.......boleh menyalurkan perasaan tu dalam patah perkataan dan fikiran yang lebih konkrit. Serious, boleh merasai perubahan ini dalam pelbagai aspek.

Sebagai contoh:

1) Aku mudah lupa....benda-benda kecik je la. Tapi ini simptom awal kan.
2)Mula dgr lagu classical dan Bahasa Perancis. Wah, teruk ni, last time dgr pun nak muntah.
3)Berfikir ttg issue global dan peranan ku sbg warga dunia ini.
4)Pemikiran terhadap pakaian mula berubah.
5)Membaca buku issue mendalam. Fiksyen dah mula berkurangan.

Kan, kan, aku dah cakap pun. Tak tipu. Sekarang dalam prosess menerima perubahan ni. Tapi aku tak rasa ini perkara buruk. Ia cuma menambahkan lagi suatu facet baru dalam diriku yang unik ini. Hahaha.....perasannya aku.

Ok. Sekarang aku ubah topik. Hari ni masuk speech. Tak menang la, dapat consolation je. Tapi kan, aku rasa sangat puas kalah. Tahu kenapa? Krn pemenang-pemenang speech tu sangatlah bagus. Serious, aku kurang memberi komen yg bagus kat org, tapi serious, mereka patut menang. Isi kandungan dan cara penyampaian mereka membolehkan mesej yg ingin disampaikan masuk kedalam hati dan benak para penonton. Aku yang serba kekurangan dgn isi yg pelik dan latihan yang tak cukup, mendapat pengajaran yang hebat hari ini. Aku akui, diriku masih jauh dari sempurna. Maka, aku akan mengukuhkan tekat untuk makin berusaha. Dalam apa-apa pun, aku mesti tabah.

Ok, dah habis cakap olehan kosong ttg diriku ini, hahaha.....kamu betul-betul habis baca sampai sini? Nampaknya minat juga kamu kat diriku yg serba kecik ini. :P Terima kasih je lah. Sebenarnya, aku rasa coretan aku kat sini agak kosong la. Patutkah aku menambah "berat" penulisan kat sini? Hmmm.....

Friday, November 21, 2008



像便回开朗的我. 便回把大事变小事,小事便无事的我.便回比看到人家的弱点先看到他们的优点的我. 可能我老了. 身上发生太多事了. 便懂事了.可能这是好事, 人是应该变的吗,不可能一身都一样不变的吗.

好的好的. 我不想太多,把事处理得好, 那样就好了.但是说是容易,要做就没这么容易啊. 加油...加油... 每天都说这句话, 有时都说到不要说了.

大家应该要考试了吧, 就跟你们说加油! 哈哈....真的喔.加油后冬天放假时才可以玩的开心吗.

不跟你谈了. 我先跑.再见.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008





Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wat FUN!

Today is a berry interesting day.

Met up wif Gane and Chola today cos they came to me sch for speech contest. Me did not see them in action though. Cos was in dreamland >.<>.< and i got free food XD Muahahaha......still have some in my snack bag. XD Never say never to free stuff man. :P

Anyways, great to meet em and talk. Lots of talk man. Kekeke..... too bad they can`t stay for dinner. And i forgot to take pics cos was to high from talking :P still its good to see ppl, its always nice. :D And its funny to see the Ang Moh teachers from each sch in a group talking. Haha....they are so cute lah. and got this quite leng zhai guy from China. XD Maybe i should polish up my chinese liaw. kekeke.....

So Congrats to Chola. Too bad lah Gane, maybe next yr? Neways, great meeting ya. :D Jia you oh wif stuff. U know la... :P

So anyway, as u can see in MayC`s blog, we made Apple Pie. Since me is bad wif d crust, MayC is the crust master, and most of the inti master too, come to think of it. just supervise la. Kekekeke......

Tada! Mine. ALL MINE!!!! Berry nice lor. The crust taste kinda biscuit like but super nice can totally go with the yummy sweet apple cinnamon filling. Muahahaha...

Since it has been awhile since i did food post, i have some to show ya. :D

made Tom YUM Soup wif prawns, scallops and veg (canggih leh)

Taco set menu. Totally yum. Seriously, taco has never tasted this good. Really!!! I kept shoving food down the whole time, totally ignoring MayC, and she me, as we busied ourselves with our yummy out of this world lunch. Anyone who comes to Akashi and wants to eat this. Kia, i bring u go eat. Its a shop at the Taco Ferry terminal.

Mayc`s Traveller`s set. I tried some of the potato salad and the fried chicken. YUM!
There`s actually more stuff that we cooked, weird or yummy....but forgot to take pics la. Not as if u want to see also right? kekeke...... if u all want to see baru i take lor. :P Or you want yummy food from shops? Kekeke.....

Ok lah. Better stop talking bout food. Sigh, after the weather turned cold me is goin food crazy. -_- Me needs a life. Ok lah. Me is ciao-ing. Tata.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Its Freezing Cold !!!

Aaaa........ the weather is like so cold. >.<>.< Adjusting to the weather sucks.

Cooping up in the room, keeping warm, and stuffing myself to replenish energy used to keep warm is not my idea of fun. Plus, going into hibernation mode means less productivity that should not happen. Many things I want to do, but I don`t want to move an inch. Gah! Sure, blame it all on the weather. -_-

But I did get to finish reading The World without Us by Alan Weisman. Its a super good book. Imagines a world without humans with everything else left intact. Using facts, lessons from the past and lots of research, Weisman has created an interesting nonfiction read that has the ability to educate and entertain at the same time. Its certainly not for those looking for a frivolous read, but if you are looking for something more, especially on the issues of environment and humanity, do look it up. You might just pick up some very interesting facts as I did.

Lazy to write much. Not even gonna post on Chin Leong`s ship just yet. Just gonna post up stuff I did. Pictures don`t need words XD

Snapshots of stuff I did last last week. See if you can try to feel the emotion Im trying to convey.
Emo-ing. Sometime ago. Real tears ok, dun play play.
Gah! Looks like I`ve been Bohliawing too much edi. Huhu......okies. Time to chop chop. Will try to get rid of the freeze cold bug.

Tata. Take care and dun freeze to death. Turn up all yer heaters. Who cares if earth is doomed. At least we stay warm. Muahahahaha.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008 高専祭

Kosensai`s over! Finally! Super fun, super hard work. My whole body is still aching. Lots of money. :DDD Later still have uchiage to look forward to XD

Big thanks to everyone who worked their pants off. Im so proud of u all lah. Waking up early, preparing till late at night, not enough sleep also prepare food and sell like mad. Haha.... rest cukup-cukup for next yr. :P Then, we earn more ¥¥¥. Muahahaha....

Not planing to write much, just look at the pics lah. :P
All I can say is that its totally worth it. :D