Monday, June 29, 2009

I am OK :D

I am seriously ok folks. Dun worry bout me. I am still emotionally balance, healthy and normal. Just cos of the blue or emotionally charged post I`ve been churning out, it does not mean that im too stressed or anything.

I am actually using blogging as a way to release my pent up emotions and tension so I can concentrate on finishing my mountain of school work and all the study and doing past year papers. So by reading that only and not knowing the other side, it seems that lots of ppl are worrid bout my well being. Heehee.....sorry lah, for making you all worry. Im ok one. :D

List of happy things:
1. My rose plant keluar 4 flowers. a good gardener.
2. My parents send me a huge box of goodies by sea mail......can`t wait for it to arrive.
3. Kosensai is coming soon! Love kosensai.....even if its very tiring and crazy.
4. Summer hols are coming! Wheee........ im going to Forever 21 and splurging there. Who wants to come too??? Kekeke....
5. Im getting better at volleyball. Finally.....T_T all the sweat was worth it

See, see.......all this you dun know nia. Muahahahaha....thats why I said in my last post, humans cannot judge things by that little itsy bitsy bit that they know nia. But I really appreciate all your concern lah. Knowing im love makes me all warm inside. Ceh wah....

Ok lah bye. Exam in a week and another a week later. Gotta buck up. Wish me luck :D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I cannot Tahan.

People who poke their noses into other ppls business. Think they are so fucking right because of what they can see and discern when that is actually just a small part of the spectrum.

People who have such narrow thinking, they can only see what is in front of their noses.

People who only care of themselves and what they can get from others. Downright selfish and its so ugly.

People who only care about their outer appearance. Fawn and do drastic stuff to themselves all in the spirit of appearing good to others. Sure its important to a certain extend, but its not everything.

See no evil, hear no evil.

If only its easier done then said. I don`t need another distraction in my already cluttered mind. Need to learn to control my train of thoughts better.

Another thing, have you ever heard that what you hate most in others is usually found in yourself. Man, that`s scary. I shudder at the thought of committing all those mentioned above.

Argh, tonikaku no more distractions needed. I need to focus!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No man is an island

This should be a post that has been posted long long ago. But I never got around to doing it.

No man is an island.

I bet you`ve heard of this before. When I heard of this last time, I poohed and pahhed. I know we humans are social creatures but, we can choose not to be right? With our amazing brain, with all those thoughts running through, surely we don`t need others.

Well, here`s the result of the experiment on lab rat No. 1, nicknamed Joyce.


There is no way no how anyone can live a life without any human contact, or lack of it.
We all need other people. We need to talk, communicate, socialise with others. If not we just don`t function properly, get into moods, think too much. Generally, dissapearing into a little world we create for ourselves.

Today I had a long conversation with lab rat No. 2. I guess everyone falls into this experiment somehow or another. I hope rattie 2 gets on well and resolves it faster than me. All the best! :D

I know its hard. All those conversations with the mousies. They are just so different from us ratties, you know. We all speak the rodent language, but boy is the insides different. We talk bout running wild in drains and sewage, they talk bout cozy homes tucked with straw. We talk bout discovering new frontiers and hidden jewels. They talk bout the lattest cheese invented. Sometimes we worry that our crass behaviour might offend the mousies, scare them off. But you know what, I as rattie No. 1 says that it really doesn`t. Maybe the mousies aren`t made of such soft stuffings after all, huh.

So to all the ratties out there, just be your rattie self. It will all work out well. Trust me :D



I made a decision. Im gonna go for what I`ve been wanting to do for a long long time. I just never got down to doing it cos of fear of the unknown, fear of failing what is nearest and dearest, what if Im not good enough? The steps to take were small but looked huge, like braving an ocean, a thousand leagues. That was all I thought of while whining and complaining to people who were willing to listen to my rants. While deep down, I always knew that I had to put that step forward in the direction that I wanted to go and let the wind steer my way.

I believe that if you want to and are on the path you were meant to take, all the universe will conspire with you to help you achieve what was meant for you. Your true calling, your reason for being.

Maybe this is what I was meant to do. Maybe not. I don`t know. But for now, it feels right and I shall. It is amazing that in just a span of a few hours, I`ve made up my mind and have already set things in motion. Im amazed at it all. Amazed at what one can accomplish when your mind is ready for it.

I have never felt so alive and in charge of my direction since...since for so long that I no longer remember. So lets just hope it all goes well. If not, I know that I`ve tried. Maybe it was never meant to be then.

But for now, I strive.