Monday, June 29, 2009

I am OK :D

I am seriously ok folks. Dun worry bout me. I am still emotionally balance, healthy and normal. Just cos of the blue or emotionally charged post I`ve been churning out, it does not mean that im too stressed or anything.

I am actually using blogging as a way to release my pent up emotions and tension so I can concentrate on finishing my mountain of school work and all the study and doing past year papers. So by reading that only and not knowing the other side, it seems that lots of ppl are worrid bout my well being. Heehee.....sorry lah, for making you all worry. Im ok one. :D

List of happy things:
1. My rose plant keluar 4 flowers. a good gardener.
2. My parents send me a huge box of goodies by sea mail......can`t wait for it to arrive.
3. Kosensai is coming soon! Love kosensai.....even if its very tiring and crazy.
4. Summer hols are coming! Wheee........ im going to Forever 21 and splurging there. Who wants to come too??? Kekeke....
5. Im getting better at volleyball. Finally.....T_T all the sweat was worth it

See, see.......all this you dun know nia. Muahahahaha....thats why I said in my last post, humans cannot judge things by that little itsy bitsy bit that they know nia. But I really appreciate all your concern lah. Knowing im love makes me all warm inside. Ceh wah....

Ok lah bye. Exam in a week and another a week later. Gotta buck up. Wish me luck :D


Kelly said...

Jia you!!Aja aja fighting!!

Cieri said...

F21 in japan is overated lah... too many people. H&M pun. I went there after my juken and I cant shop calmly. last2 sakit kepala and I resort to 109


mayc said...

awww.. looks like i missed out on all the drama.. update me when all is over ya babe *winks*

*ohmmmm... keep your peace of mind.. ohmmmm...*