Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hari Raya in Yuge!

First of all....take 3 and a half hours train to Onomichi Station in Hiroshima ken. Fufufu....not cheap oh.

Next.....take 1 hr ferry to Yuge jima.B`cos to bored.....

Finally sampai!!! time makan!
Yeah!!! Hidangan malam tu....Nasi Ayam. :DDDDD
Then i realised that the last time i ate Nasi Ayam was in PPKTJ (T_T)
then pandai2 announced it to ppl......Huhuhu.....its so sad they also tumpang kesian me O.O"

Nasi Ayam was SUPER the Sedap!!! The rice was fragrant, sup super sweet cos made of 7 chickens o.O , chicken nicely marinated and fried, chili hot! , nice fresh greens!! Heaven.
Super hot! One spoon is enough....can feel my stomach burning! daya ketahanan for chili memang very lousy one :(Air third love after milo peng and sundrop :DDD
MC working hard making Daigakuimo....otherwised known as ubi goreng dgn gula hangus! Hahaha.......
Amalina n me!

Ohhhh....Nasi ayam! I lap u!

Had seconds......haha...okok...more like 3 rounds. :PPPP
Was eating like a possessed person.
Finally its Pagi Raya!!! is shamelessly posting up pic of me trying out tudung.

Beef curry!
Chicken rendang

Satay sauce. Super nice!

***Shameless Camwhore Pics***

Outing to ze beach right in front of ze place we were staying at.

***Camwhore 2nd round***

Dinner that night was barbeque!!!

Marinating the chicken n beef wif mayo! Kengness. It really tastes better! oolalala... nice. Much to my surprise. Cos i had some horrible ichijiku jam b4.

Using DSLR to spot the ring around Jupiter. Even with the naked eye, its possible to see. Super cool! Do try it out guys. Its the brightest object in the sky now.
Half naked guys barbequing....
Dunno how they do it......most of the food ended up looking like this. >.<

Playing with fireworks. Super fun.
This one is suppose to be the mushi firework thinge. Its in the shape of an insect and actually flies when you light it up. Super cool!
Ground spinners. Learned a fun way of playing em. Instead of letting em spin on the ground, throw em far away instead. Looks real leng.

Next morning. Breakfast time!

Sambal was super nice. Loves!

Muka shiawase!!! Hahaha........once a year onli, allowed to be a glutton ok!

This is sirap ros super extra kau! Im so going to buy this when i go back next time.

Play a bit b4 goin back. Do u see wat i c below :P


Ze obor2.....

All in all. This yrs Raya is da best! Cos of lots of food, frens and fun times. Haha....learned lots bout cooking from helping em cook too. Kengness is the cooking. Cos we basicly prepare food, cook food, eat food, wash a bit......then continue the cycle again for the next meal. Omo-omoness.......

Had fun priming up for raya with the girls too. Haha.....and lots of Thanks Amalina, for lending me ur kurung. Hehe....sorry for forgeting mine thought u reminded me dunno how many times :PPP