Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its Merdeka Day!!!

Lets wave our flag high and proud,
For our love of Malaysia shines bright and loud,
May she continue to prosper and grow,
Until all nations gasp in awe.

Our country tropical green and hot,
Spicy food and what not,
People of all colors mingle and mix,
Oh, what a wonderful fix.

Although we are far far away,
You are in our hearts everyday,
On this blessed day my darling homeland,
I give you my love that will never end.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9 to 5

Taking the train to work every morning. I take the shortest route possible to reach in time. I meet the same people every morning who go in the opposite direction. I wait for the train at platform number 2. There, I meet another group of people. Wearing different clothing with each passing day but, for sure the same people.

Sitting or standing in the train. Reading or listening to music. Watching others or staring out the window. At that time, you are there, existing, breathing, thinking but, when you look back, can you honestly tell me it was a meaningful one? One you will remember? Ok. What about telling me what you were thinking then? You don't remember don't you.

Walking again. This time to company of course. I pass the same building, the statues, the same man walking his dog, the lady cleaning the entrance, I wait for the traffic light, I see the same animal bus, I see students cycling to school, I walk pass the art shop, the Kobe beef shop, the post office......

In company; work. Lunch; eat. Then, start work again.

After work, the journey back. I shall spare you this time.

Back home. Then what? Dinner, relaxation, bath, sleep.

And guess what? What happens tomorrow? Yup, you know the answer. Its the same cycle over and over again.

Tell me. What's the difference from being a student then?

If its work that "helps people", if there's passion, if there's fulfillment; then, Yes. If its just about the money then, no.

Still, a 9 to 5? I wonder.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Lap Kyoto

There are so many reasons to like it. There`s good food, friendly ppl selling good food, friendly ppl u meet on the streets, friendly and good looking travelers to cuci mata :P, quaint streets, cheap one day bus ticket so it does not matter if you get lost, lots of arty stuff, beautiful buildings, nature..............and the list goes on.

Yummmmmmy Ramen....
My kind of street

These are some wicked carvings
Nice scenery . Gonna paint this soon.
Cool. There's like a ditch along the hall and they decorated it wif zen stone garden design and toped it wif glass so its possible to walk on top.
Leng lui who likes to cam-whore and sing K. :P
I swear, even the flowers are more beautiful.
I lap lotus.

Actually, the main reason for going to Kyoto was to invest time and energy in my new found hobby; Bird watching. :D Its not easy k. The birds just can't seem to keep still for long and they tend to keep a distance from humans. And spotting them can be a real heart ache cos most of them are small and they camouflage well. So, I gotta learn to tread softly, be fast wif binoculars and camera, try to blend in, be patient, identify bird types better and to think like a bird. Hahaha.....lots to learn, lots of birds to spot. Yeah. Happiness.

Little egret and Intermediate egret

I still dunno what this is. >.<
Spotted bill duckCommon sparrow

And this, gave me quite a hard time. Kept flying from one branch to another.
Its actually this bird. Im so happy Kyoto Gyoen has signs like this. How informative.This is too cute. There's a bird bath in some bushes to attract the birds there to bath. Caught this one in action. It was splashing water about and fluffing up its feathers. So cute can. I almost forgot to take a picture. But cos the zoom's still not keng enough its not that clear. Lucky I have my trusty binoculars to watch every single second of cuteness this little bird oozes out.
Its this bird. :D
There were a few others, but they did not stop long enough for me to snap a pic. Gah, hope I get better wif more practice.

But for now, internship is gonna take the the main stage. Two weeks. The boss seems nice. The staff seems nice. From wat he said to me , I think I will be learning oddles. :D Hurray! and I get $$$ as well. Muahahaha......

Saturday, August 16, 2008

If i didn`t care

Check this out. Stumbled on this oldie in Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. Not bad kan. Im obsessed wif it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

崖の上のポニョ( Ponyo on the cliff)

Went to watch edi. :DDDDD Me is happy! Was a bit worried that it might not be that nice cos looking at the human headed red gold fish, I had my doubts. Hahaha..... but its real nice. Ponyo, the goldfish is actually very cute, in fish form, human form or half-half duck looking form. Hahaha...... and she has magical powers......Ooooo......thats a major plus point. :D And the dad really looks a bit like Howl, and the mum is real beautiful, like some hippie queen. Love her flowing hair.

Im not gonna talk bout the plot lah. Look it up in Wikipedia if you want. But i think it does the movie no justice. Some things just have to be seen and felt. Me is not wanting to forget the innocence, purity, and spontaneity of the little people. To laugh out loud when you want to, to say how you really feel, to not see things so realistically all the time, to forget about time and money. I hate to say this, but i think im not one of the little people anymore. Im in conspiracy wif the big ones, but im looking back at them all the time, so I don`t lose my way.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Witch Cackle is back!

Exams over edi yesterday! Yipee! Summer hols here i come. Although there are reports, kosensai stuff, internship (ya, i got in eventually. Long story. Muahaha. Sorry to the dudes that had to listen to my long story.End up i go pula :P) and speech / essay to write......who cares. Muahahaha..... no la. Kidding only la. This hols will be a work and play hols. Muahahaha...... have lots of plans lined up. Its gonna be a blast! So happy! Finally gonna do wat i always wanted. Go Asakusa, Hokkaido, do some bird watching (yep. Its gonna be my new hobby. Hahaha...), go on solo train trip, gonna do some biking to tan myself (haha.... i cannot get tan one lah. After a while i just turn white back. Yep, i think over the exam period i turn white again liaw o.0) So yeah, i lap hols here. Ooooo.... and Ponyo ponyo. Must watch Ghibili`s new movie 崖の上のポニョ (Ponyo on the cliff). * sings.... ponyoponyoponyosakananoko.....aoiumikarayatekita...ponyoponyo....* Lalalalala........

Today went shopping with two dudes. Always thought shopping with dudes very blah one worh. Cos they stand around and look real bored. Haha...... but today was super syiok. Or maybe cos we went to stores that dudes like. Hmmm...... anyways, i got supper good stuff. Muahaha...... Loves the army hat i bought from Billabong. Haha..... u dun want to know the price. The Nike bag and 2 way singlet is cool too. And its nice to find cool stuff and show it to ppl and they gush over it too. Sigh..... me is sad whenever gals i shop wif look at me in shock or horror. Then say i need to buy more girly stuff. >.< Me is not caring. Muahahaha......

but i do own skirts. Grand total of 3 i think. Hahaha......

U know hor, i saw this real cool belt in Billabong. Black and white, kinda like zebra pattern. So nice la. But the price also so nice. Sigh..... or what about leather belt with colored stripes. Straight or crisscrossed??? Hmmm....... or maybe i should buy a totally white one to replace my current one? Hmmm...... dunno worh. Hehehe.....

Anyways, all things mentioned, my witch cackle is back after a long hiatus. Almost months, half a year. Whoa....... i dun know. Happy sigh..... i is happy to hear it. I is wanting it to stay.

Oh ya. Must tell you guys bout the place we went to so if you ever come here DO go there to shop. Cos the stuff is real cheap. Cos its factory outlet see, so its cheaper and the goods are just like normal ones sold in stores. No defects or anything. In fact, i have no idea why they are so cheap. Ok lah, not all are cheap. They have the normal cleared merchandise as well. Haha... like my hat. Anyways, its in Tarumi. Near Kobe, just take the train to Tarumi eki then walk bout 5-7 minutes to the seaside and tada u will see it Port Island. Stores there..... for example: Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Puma, Billabong, Edwin, Levis, Coach, Juicy Couture, Timberland, Lego, New Balance and stores selling japanese baju brands lah. Haha.... turn into advert pulak.

Like that lah. Ciao ppl.

Friday, August 1, 2008

TAG - 10 random things in my room!

Today is Friday!!!! Yeah.... it means weekends are here and theres more time to relax and study for my four more papers. Exams end on Wed. Can`t wait to finally start my hols. So taking some time off...... im doin MayC`s tag.

10 Random thingS in My rOom!

1. First is Robert. MayC`s pet doggie. He/She is on loan to me now. :DDDDD Keeping me company studying. So cute right? I heart Robert. But poor Robert had an accident today. He fell into some chili sauce and dirtied his hind paw. So i washed it lah. so sowie wobert >.<

2. Picture`s and cards i own. Stuck to the aircon vent. From top to bottom. First is a pic we took during Joann`s B`day. Second is kanji that Joann wrote and send to me. Thanks babe. Third is Totoro B`day card from MayC. So nice right? Hehehe.....thanks babe. Fourth is Shuk Yee`s B`day pic. The only pic with all the Chinese gals from my batch together. Last is my class pic when we went to Kyoto to see this aquaduct designed by this Japanese guy from Todai that my teacher so hangat -hangat about.3. Got lots of stuff in this pic. Hehe...Ooops....this makes more than 10 items la. Anywayz, theres a Rainbow slinky, my art pencil case, me newest book (The Little Prince in Japanese - I love this book man, read it in English and Mandarin already :DDDD ) Little cat-cat from MayC. She so sweet suddenly give me cos say i remind her of a meowmi. o.0 Me look like cat meh??? But i really love it lah. Thanks!! :D Notebook to write random ideas.

4. Something I sketched on A4 paper with highlighter and pen when i got bored of doing reports awhile back.
5. My Totoro collection. :DDDD I lap Totoro and some other Studio Ghibili`s stuff. Besides this i also have Totoro pencil holder, diary, hand towel, keychain, pins, and a book on Howls Moving Castle, and some small knickknacks. :DDDDD B`day coming....who wanna help me expand my collection??? :PPPPP Anywayz, was thinking of going to Studio Ghibili`s museum again this summer ;P anyone wanna come? Its in Mitaka, Tokyo.
6. Gladiator sandals. Only the hottest footwear this summer. :D How can one do without? Hehehe.......

7. Poster -ish thing i got for free when i went to Studio Ghibili last summer. Now its stuck to the back of my door. Supernice !!!! Love the colors and clouds. If only i can paint so well. -_- Ganbaru wa.8. This is the infamous Alarm Clock that even got a mention in Syaza`s blog. Hahaha.....yep. I brought it to Japan and it helps me to wake up from my DEEeeeeeeeeeP SleEP. Its really cool despite being a cheap clock. It sings, i think to an amount of 3 very loud and high pitch melodies to wake me up. And it even says Good Morning to me when i off the alarm. Keng a not? Hahaha......
9. This is a heater and aircon as well my dear readers and is the envy of the boys in my kosen. Hahaha..... cos they dun have aircon and fry every summer. Every time summer comes, i will surely hear it. The complaints and the request to get smuggled into the girls dorm. Hahaha.... and guess wat. Its unlimited usage, whenever you want, whatever kind of setting your heart desires......and it even tells me the temperature in and out of the room and the humidity. :DDD

But since im going Green, i try not to use it so much to help the environment. So i guess its value is somewhat lost on me.

10. Newest painting. Currently propped up to dry. The white highlights don`t pop so much in real life but, i think they are somewhat of a bad idea anyway. Hmmm...... What do you think? Comments are very welcomed.
Ppl to tag......hmmmm

1. Joann ( u berry free right? but only if your pinky allows it :P)
2. Shuk Yee ( i dun know if you like this kinda stuff but, its FUN! I can`t wait to see :DD )
3. Amalina (buat lah babe *wink wink*)
4. Syaza ( u too....exam dah habis kan kan :P)
5. Calvin ( haha.... i wonder what you will post with your siawness)
6. Chan (after trip maybe?)
7. Ced (buat lah. Ur blog nothing new for berry long time edi)

but only if you guys want lah. And anyone else who wants.....join in the fun!!! :D