Monday, January 25, 2010



I want to run away, away from all my work.

In denial. Not good.

I've been busting my ass off. But then its still not enough.


I know. Life is hard.

I want to go snowboarding. I wanna learn skateboarding. I wanna go bungee jumping. I wanna sing my heart out. I wanna get a tattoo. I wanna paint on a hugeass wall. I wanna go travel. I wanna live!


I hope I can get all my work done.

Just numb everything and get going.

Sigh.... only two more years to go.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Numb Nuts

Numb Nuts is an awesome online show produced in Singapore. Shows how 2 hot n crazy guys do sick stuff in a competition against each other. Loser gets sicker punishments.

I know I must be a total sadist to enjoy the show. But hey, its really a good way to relax, watching others suffer pain. Muahahaha.....

Check it out :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sins of the flesh

Gluttony, lust, sloth, greed, pride, wrath, envy

Purge it, cleanse it. Begone.
For remember it is just a circle of impermanence.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

No more fantasy

Disillusioned by fairy tales. Tall tales of white knights, dark forests and witches. Tear it down, tear it down. My fortress of stone and ice. Awake from slumber, this is not your world anymore. Shed a tear and move on. On to new dimensions. Higher heights. Soar.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If only I study like how I draw!

My dad used to say ' If only you study like how you read storybooks, I will be very happy'. Heard this almost every time we get back from the library with new books. Nose in book, I would be in happyland, oblivious to the world for hours on end.

If only I have that kind of concentration power when I study or do my sotsuken.

JOYCE!!! Do sotsuken! Dun simply go and do oooliaw stuff liaw!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New yrs at 小林先生's place

Went to our Japanese teacher's place on ze 4th for new years.
Selamat sampai. And we flip through teachers photo album and yamcha as she prepares good grub. Muahaha....

Konbu-cha and super nice okashi that taste like super high class angkukueh. Super nice. I take back what i said bout konbu-cha before. Haha.....
Ppl grabbing chance to dating. Haha....Osecchi ryori. Super only took shots after. Hahaha.....

Turkey!!! Teacher is super the keng. Her turkey is good man. Tender and taste real natural. I prefer it prepared with herbs, but this is a good change.Teachers husband carving the turkey. He is super the dignified man. Smart,collect,pensive. Sasugani ex-shindai prof.

3rd course. This time its a famous German dish. Unfortunately, I forgot the name. Teacher went there to stay while her husband was there. So she cooks this real well. She is so the Europeanized i so love her. Anyone who has a collection of bonechina tea cups earn lots of brownie points in my book ;DDD
Pork ribs - super juicy and tender, potatoes, stewed veg's, and raisin buns.

Slathered with gravy, its oh can die for!
Saosing wine frm china. Kononya fames. I have no idea.
Teachers daughter back home frm Tokyo. Violinist for orchestra worh, dun play2.
Leng view of rokko.

Vince looks so cute, I cannot lose out.


Super lots of fun. Glad everyone gets along well. Super sayang my teacher la. Will totally miss her when I go Toyohashi.

Christmas and NYr's in Namba!

Cannot imagine how I managed to spend 4 whole days in this area without going crazy.

Christmas Day
Went to Namba Parks to checkout the architecture. We were so super the keng. Walked all the way there from Shinimamiya without a map or anything. That was close to 40mins walk cos we sort of got lost. Hahaha...... And we even when into a hotel to take the view from above. Oooliawness is us.
This building was inspired by the grand canyon. So it looks like one. Totally love this curvey edifice and its ton of foliage.
So cute.
Aww.... shucks. Gonna miss em when im gone.
This is super the DELICIOUS !! Pls go and try when you're nearby. Its not that expensive and makes a good lunch :D I got the Volcano bagel crust and as you can see, it has cheeze... baked Cheeze!!! on top. Total yummy-licious-ness.
FINALLY ! Ate ramen at the open air seating red stall place down the road from the Kani.Its yummy man. And you can add as much kimchi and spicy leek thingy and garlic and black pepper. Word of advice, dun be greedy and add too much....cos it burns!
Late nite Christmas snack.
New Years
Karaoke-ing. 5hrs. Cannot believe it.

Dun think I've ever seen two guys so happy hamsap-ing each other :PAh.....ze group of sad ppl who hangout in cafe for coffee, wireless and gossip. Somehow, I dunno how, I think I got indoctrinated into this secular sect.
Met Zaza after 2 yrs!! Can't believe it was that long. And real happy that we could just fall back into conversation and shopping as if it was just yesterday. I guess some bonds just never die :D

1st pierce. Have always wanted em. Not the normal ones at the earlobes mind you. So cliche, doesn't work for me. Soooo.......after always thinking too much before I do anything, and eventually never doing it. Im kicking away this skeleton in my closet this new year, embracing my new side, and hopefully, this will be a reminder to me forever and evermore to always go all out for something I truly want.