Monday, May 24, 2010

RAining AGaIn !

I Hate rainy days...

the cloud and rain,
its all blue and gray,

Why must it persist?
This precipitation like mist.

Makes me all gloomy and loomy,
It sloshes around.
Wetting everything
blocks out the sun
makes everything damp mood at all.
I dun want to attend classes
And got exam summore

Sumone tell me...
Whats the meaning of all this?
Why do we have to go to sch?
Degree very keng meh?
Why can't i just go work edi.
But dun want la.
Works very scary.

Why can't i just paint all day.
Then sell it at sum corner shop,
Then can earn money edi rite.

I don't like reality,
Sumone create stg like the Matrix thinge,
Then we all can get sucked inside and never come out.

Gah....i is being crazy again.
Ignore me man.
If you've read till hear congrats.

Been painting.
If im kuai i just might upload it.

Now enough of crazy,
im going to the library,
Braving the rain,
under my little green shade.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Busy busy days,
means being on the move,
from morn till nite,
then i konk out till it's light.

Head a spinning,
with new knowledge n ideas,
its tiring but fun,
With a dose of of accomplishment!

So 9 to 6,
is sap sap water,
when there's fire,
there's no more water.

Bring on the 8,
I've no fear,
I've internet and frens,
I`ve all that I need here.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Super long time since I`ve been blogging. Did not have the luxury nor the desire to to so for a long time. Wonder if I should continue writing here, but im here now so how? Seems a waste to let it go and its a good outlet. Always has been. But all the words and letters on the screen is just so irritating. Months of void to be filled. The past seems a mundane vapid life when reread.

Been at two minds bout lots of things recently. I wonder what it means? Moving to a new place does indeed free one of past restrictions and ways of thinking. Strands of thoughts seem to weave in new directions and form new patterns. Glad for it. Change is ever so welcome in my life.

But I`ve been detecting changes that are somewhat discomforting. Can`t decide on it yet and im wondering if it needs to be kicked out. What to do, what to do. I`ll just let it sit and see.