Wednesday, May 27, 2009



I profess, I`ve been guilty of it, in fact, I still am. Try as I may to eradicate this disease of my unworthy self, its not one of those things that disappears at will. It was too late for me, when I discovered the vile and evil side to it, it had already spread and implanted itself securely into the deepest crevices of my mind. Try as I may, the little devil still lurks and creeps around, forever looking for a chance to strike.

I was once asked by a friend and fellow confidant, "How do you know it is all true?" That time I cockily and confidently said, I just do. Oh, what a naive and pompous fool I was. Nothing is ever what you think it is. There are so many faces to a story, so many sides to the truth.

So as you see, I fully understand how incredibly hard it is to not pass judgment. I am guilty as charged. But, where would we be without it. How do we know right from wrong? The question my dear readers would be what you are using it for. For discerning good from bad? or for more carnal ego feeding needs?

Really, I know I am in no position to criticize other unfortunate souls. But its just so damn irritating to have self righteous people breathing down your neck. There is something called freedom of choice and right to live. Look it up. Can`t you just keep your opinions to yourselves? Is it really worth its weight in gold?

In essence, I am sick of it, of all the psychological warfare we play. Forget about the war zone, there is another more mental war right in your own backyard, well, in your own mind that is. But with all that`s said, it can simply be canceled out with a "Its all in your mind, you think too much."

Is it really?

All in the state of mind.

All you have to do is keep a positive mind track and all will be happy. Isn`t that called deliberately deceiving oneself?

Maybe its all about being open. Open to diversity. Diversity of ideas, beliefs, choices, understanding.

Life isn`t perfect. It never is. You just gotta make the best of it.


Today is another one of those days where you just wanna go ARGH!!!
Scream it out loud as long and as hard as possible.
Just as so to feel better.
But cannot la, cos the walls are too thin.



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Many things to say,
but I wonder if it is ever wise to do so, unchecked,
sometimes limitations are a bane on existence,
but to go without is sheer idiocy,
balance is called for,
and all shall be perfect,
but living in a perfect glass world is not easy,
it shatters in a single drop,
not so much fun after all the work.

All these roles we play,
I wonder if this is it to life,
seems pointless,
the games we play,
I`ve always opted out,
but playing the game alone is lonely,
a worthy adversary is called for,
but they don`t just drop down from the sky.

I won`t let it be,
just like that,
its uncalled for,
its beneath me,
somethings gotta give,
but is it time?

doesn`t feel like it,
I wonder when then?