Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random updates...

Loooooonnng long time never post up stuff edi. Berry the sorry. Here's some random stuff that I've been meaning to post up.

Autumn Leaves in Kibune-Kyoto
Really super the leng place. Its like some forgotten gem. All peaceful and tranquil. Is loves. Too bad did not have more time to explore more of this place.

Bird house by the road side!! I is excited!!
No birds anymore....
Not even a smite of eggshells...
Poor old nest,
wif moss growing out of you,
Hope you get some new fwens real soon.Super interesting kulat thinge growing on this tree trunk. Gross but cool.

Picnic by the stream. Super the good feng shui or not. In front got mountain stream, behind got mountain. Got this super convenient shed wif tables. Got good fwens around. And check out the homemade spread. Muahahaha...

Looking like homeless ppl. Hehehe....
Mossy thinge again. Serious that place is so damp, its crawling wif lumut,moss, kulat and all that kind of thinge.

Birthday prezzie
Handmade of course! Made cake wif ZI too. Actually, I only did the decoration part. Its a lemon snail cake. Wif chocolate bits down the side to depict stool. Muahahaha....
X'mas Cookies
Fuyoh!Super the christmas spirit or not. Got mood so made some cookies and spread it around for some christmas cheer.

下手クソな模型of a fairyhouse
Huhuhu....not enough sprinkle of fairydust huh. Teng said it looks like a model of some beachside house. Totally out. But it looks ok la i think. likey the roof.
Who said I can't leave blank spaces?
Had an urge to do stg wif oil pastels. Super the hisashiburi. Like so totally used it so much back in secondary sch. The creamy texture, bits of it flaking everywhere, smudgeing it into the paper, scraping it off with ruler when applied to thick and hastly repairing the was a love hate relationship. Mostly hate thought. Cos I always felt that the results were too solid and fake looking. Cos was always told to color everything, no blanks. Actually not told, it was expected of you. Super the tiring to cover the whole background....and does not look natural. Ya I know, should mix more colors then ok rite, layer upon layer. But I didn't know that last time. And the stigma bout oil pastels for beginners. Geez, so not d fair for the innocent oil pastels. Cos when done right can be real stunning. I guess the gist is art teachers should give more free range to students. There is no such thing as rules in art.

Wah, epic. I should coin this statement.

"There is not such thing as rules in art"
-Joyce C