Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Many friends in cars as we make way,

to feast on awesome colors on a clear fall day,

Strolling, snapping memories and caroling along,

t'was a fine moment to belong.


Lots of input less output nowadays. Reading through a slew of things and soaking up much. Funny how sometimes the creative bug tends to lie low.Mainly it has been scribbles on paper and half hearted attempts on the stove.But one must always do.Too much talk kills it all.

Neways, some current light reads for fun.

Finally I know what Ratatoullie taste like. Veg stew. Urgh.... I want Remy to cook for me!

This freaking taste like Keropok lecor. Prob is its not crunchy much.

Mushi-pan made wif rice cooker. Told ya I've been lazy. Muahahaha.... Need some fireworks to fire up the future wif Apple crumble in it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Care for a cup of tea?

I desperately need some tea,

A little sip would do.

A dose of Hatter's brew,

will make me all brand new.

La, la, la..... a very happy unbirthday to you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Searching. Forever searching. That`s what we do. We are forever searching for that one thing that will make us happy, that completes us, that makes our life worthwhile.  Some people find it in family, some in love, some in money... the list are endless. And when we get it, what happens? Does everyone stay forever happy with that one thing? If they don`t, do they try to make it work or abandon it in search of something else?

The circle of life. The wheel that is ever turning, never stopping. Over and over and over again.

Im taking a spiritual view nowadays. This circle of suffering it must be no more. The middle way seems best. Has always been and always will be. It has always been calling out to me-the other path, the one less trodden. I`ve always felt like a lone boat out at sea. Hardly anyone seems to be tunning into the same radio frequency. When they are, I thank the high heavens; when they are none, I sail on. It is no wonder that I turn to books or other pursuits to find amusement.

And when I chance on a jem like "Eat,Pray,Love" , I feel as if I`ve found a new best friend. The one that knows just what Im talking about and even better, have gone through it all to tell me her story. Her love and wars, won and lost. People she has met, lessons she gained. They are like little pockets of wisdom. And as I nod, and nod, grin, laugh and smirk through it all, I find that Im just that more determined, that more ready to start the ball rolling.

Of adventures and traveling, people and their stories, food and culture...the marvels are endless. And can only happen when you start an action, throw a rock, buy a ticket. Why not then Joyce, I questioned myself? Ah....and in reply, I hear words and whispers by 'others'

"The path less trodden is one of suffering." *came wif a knowing admonishing look*

"Ah....." *speechless silence*

"NONSENSE!...bla...bla....bla...." *this is final look*

"..............." *zoned out look*

and still I hear it. Why not then, why not?

P/s: Movie not as good. You`re better of just with the book. Treasure it. Love it. And what the heck, give it a name and croon to this new darling as you leaf through her already dogeared pages.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Im done! All 5o of em.

Heart lotus...

Really heart lotus.

The streets of Taiwan in the morning without traffic is divine.

Be happy, always.

Abstract stuff

More abstract stuff

Runny nose.....finish half box of tissue edi :(

Channeling Monet

View at Genting.

Random sketch in flight.

View at Genting again.

Heart waterlilies 2

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aichi Triennale 2010

Went to Aichi Triennale with MayC! Its an art fest of sorts, with artist from all over the world showing. Happy, happy,happy to get a dose of color and ideas :DDDDDDD

First stop is the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art. See the green tubing thing....its one of the installations. Its connected here and there. I like how it interacts with the building and makes the place more fun. Challenges the concept of how we view space. 

Installation by Yayoi Kusama is one of the main reasons why I want to go! She is obsess with dots and repetition. 

The work below is done by a China artist titled Day and Night. Its really really nice lor. Looks like fairies dancing on the walls with all the gold and purple strokes. And since its so long, its like a never ending picture. Surreal. The best part would be a video showing how its all made. And guess how it was done! By burning up gunpowder stuff!!!! So cool can. 

Next is all these wooden animals everywhere in a white maze. Simple and interesting the placement of ze animals were spot on too. Super keng is transporting all these stuff and setting it up. All the thought put into these exhibits brings me to tears. These artist are a dedicated bunch. 

And this!!! Muahaha......gave MayC the bejeebers! Its done by a Malaysian artist currently based in Taiwan. From Kuching too! Haha.

Cannot take pic cos its like a short film thing, so I shall try to explain it cos its way cool! Basically, we walk into this darkened room. Everything is dark, cannot even see where to step, so you sort of extend your hand and walk on. On the left you see white figures sitting, watching something. A bit scary edi, cos don't know if they are real humans or figurines. So walk closer to investigate. Wah, lucky, humans watching a film. we move into the enclosed space and watch the film. Since all the seats were taken, we had to stand. Film starts of with a scene in the cinema with red seats. The whole place is empty except for a chinese lady and an indian guy. She is eating apples and after each bite offers it to the indian guy sitting behind her. This continues for a long time. Weird and we still don't know what this film means. Some ppl left then so we sat down on the red seats provided and tried to understand this film.

Then comes the next scene, a chinese uncle is smoking while sitting in the red cinema chairs.Beside him is a little boy who is eating a snack. This continues for a while and the scene changed to show the same uncle and boy filmed from the front. But now there is a grandmother on the uncles side and a picture of the deceased grandfather on the little boys side. By now, MayC and I were the only ones sitting on the red seats and suddenly it all came to me.

Me: MayC, I think I get it edi. Do you get it?

MayC: Yeeerrr....dun say!!! *grabs my arm*

Me: Nonono, I think its something like Inception. We are watching ppl who most probably are watching others. 

And then the ppl in the film started to fade we freaked and ran. Hahaha....

So do you get it?

This is another cool one. Its a L-shaped corridor with a 45 degrees mirror so ppl can say "Hi!" and wave at other ppl on the other end :D  Its tiny too with lots of doors, so it has a Alice in Wonderland feel to it :)))

Walls of buildings. Looking at cities from diff perspective I guess. 

At Oasis 21, someone left Woodstock at the railing. Love the quirkyness of things like this :D

Another installation by Yayoi Kusama.  

There were many other great works, but sadly most of them cannot take pics one T_T Even the ones I have here, mostly I curi-curi take one. too bad. Cannot share la. Cos too many I will kaput anyway :P Interested then go c urself la :D It runs till 31st of October.

Next is Domatsuri! Super keng we went without knowing there was a matsuri happening! Lots of dancing, food stalls, ppl, kids, parade.....gotta love the energy!

M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E !!! I know its all about the advertising. Happyest place on earth? Pah! But when the song got blasted out into the air, my hands are clapping, Im singing along to the cheesiest song and I don't care. The world is beautiful again and birds are flying in the air.

Had oddles of FUN, out in the SUN! 

Thanks MayC for teman-ing me!!!!!