Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Searching. Forever searching. That`s what we do. We are forever searching for that one thing that will make us happy, that completes us, that makes our life worthwhile.  Some people find it in family, some in love, some in money... the list are endless. And when we get it, what happens? Does everyone stay forever happy with that one thing? If they don`t, do they try to make it work or abandon it in search of something else?

The circle of life. The wheel that is ever turning, never stopping. Over and over and over again.

Im taking a spiritual view nowadays. This circle of suffering it must be no more. The middle way seems best. Has always been and always will be. It has always been calling out to me-the other path, the one less trodden. I`ve always felt like a lone boat out at sea. Hardly anyone seems to be tunning into the same radio frequency. When they are, I thank the high heavens; when they are none, I sail on. It is no wonder that I turn to books or other pursuits to find amusement.

And when I chance on a jem like "Eat,Pray,Love" , I feel as if I`ve found a new best friend. The one that knows just what Im talking about and even better, have gone through it all to tell me her story. Her love and wars, won and lost. People she has met, lessons she gained. They are like little pockets of wisdom. And as I nod, and nod, grin, laugh and smirk through it all, I find that Im just that more determined, that more ready to start the ball rolling.

Of adventures and traveling, people and their stories, food and culture...the marvels are endless. And can only happen when you start an action, throw a rock, buy a ticket. Why not then Joyce, I questioned myself? Ah....and in reply, I hear words and whispers by 'others'

"The path less trodden is one of suffering." *came wif a knowing admonishing look*

"Ah....." *speechless silence*

"NONSENSE!...bla...bla....bla...." *this is final look*

"..............." *zoned out look*

and still I hear it. Why not then, why not?

P/s: Movie not as good. You`re better of just with the book. Treasure it. Love it. And what the heck, give it a name and croon to this new darling as you leaf through her already dogeared pages.

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♥Sarah♥ said...

Less trodden paths might not be easy... might actually be more like hell. But as you walk your muscles get stronger and you grow more confident than if you had taken the same flat path as everyone else... It's worth it in the end :)