Friday, June 18, 2010


Sometimes,I close my eyes. I turn away. Because I don't want to see. There are times when it's more than what I am willing to see, or sometimes there are just things that are meant to stay hidden. So I close my eyes. Because I wonder who gave us the power to judge. To decide. On what basis do we act on what we see. Is it always right? No. But it is not going to be always wrong either. So what should one do? To open our eyes to all stimuli or do we pick and choose? Or do we strive to be the all seeing and all knowing but not all action? Tough one. I know. But its just not right to forsake it all either. 

And another question of the day. "Who was it who made you who you are?" Superbly love it. If you can answer this. I guarantee you will resolve most if not all your traumas.So take a walk down memory lane and map out your history. After all, without resolving past traumas and moving on, how can we grow and look to the future when we are still stuck in the past.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stories are dangerous things


Why this?

Why can't I get rid of it? 

The more I do the more it stays.

Effort seems to not make it go away.

Is that really it? Am I freaking out ?

I don't think so and yet I can't be sure. 

I don't know whats real and whats not anymore.

I don't want to think and yet my heart can't let go.

I wanna be free I don't want to be in this cage anymore. 

I want out, rejoice.

Why am I still trapped in this web of uncertainty. 

A web fabricated out of memory and broken dreams.

Where is the happy ever after?

Tales of evil succumbing to good.

Of triumph in battle and magical spells.

Have we all been cheated by fairy tales?

Is this the end of innocence and the dawn of darkness?

Or what we call an awakening of sorts?

Is this for worse or for the better?

Is anything really real anymore?

Monday, June 14, 2010



I finally got it yesterday.Most ppl find me crazy for not caring for so long. But I find that I get more things done without its enticing filaments ensnaring my attentions. Imagine how ppl entertained themselves when there was no Internet. Life was just more wholesome then. Its good to have periods whereby we are able to partake in those kinds of enjoyments.


Always happens. And it is, again. Wondering who I should be, what I should do, paths to take, choices, decisions, conclusions. Yes. Its that time of the year again. And I wonder.


With many things to do. Not knowing which I should do first. Follow the order of importance, due date, or interest? I always find it hard to decide. Haha... but as my id is very strong, or so I like to think, I eventually give in to the latter.