Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first handmade tea cup!


The tea cup that I made in Nara came today! I is super happy! Love it lots. Came at the perfect time too. Cos about a week ago, someone chipped my beloved Snoopy cup that I left to dry in the kitchen. (T_T) Was sad. But you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new!

Welcome new cup!
See its so leng. All shiny. The best part is cos I made the rim real wavy to resemble flower petals, its so unsymmetrical that when you rotate it slowly, it looks real different. It ended up not looking as much as a Lotus as I would have liked, but I could not mold the cup anymore than I did cos I made the cup too thick. On the whole, I think it turned out not bad. For my first try in pottery :D

I like this side best cos it looks like a maple leaf.

The pottery guy taught us this cool thing whereby you make an indention by applying pressure. I was so impressed that I made 3. Muahahaha...

See, know what I mean by it looking different from different angles right!

Testing use my cup for the first time. No matcha in stock so used milo. Baru Malaysian mah. Hahaha.....Real happy that I made it thick now, cos the weight is perfect for a tea cup.

Imagine a cold dreary day, you`re back from sch, all cold and grumpy, cupping a warm cup that fits perfectly in your hands, you can feel the heat radiating into your frozen hands, ahhhh......

Now smell the aroma a bit, hmmmm......

Rotate the cup a bit to admired it. Then enjoy lah.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Serious...a very マサカ punya thinge happened to me tonight!

U know what happened to me!!!

I got barred from entering my room tonight!!

and you know what by???

By my mountain of laundry!!

Can you imagine!

Me! Cannot enter my room! Cos the sliding door kena block by my cupboard door which was being sandwiched by my laundry...

Huhuhu..... woe is me.

so what to do.... i got zhong ing to help me and we both tried to pry the door open wif a broom. Brilliant plan. Seriously.... using leverage theory and everything it really should work. Problem is, our hands were not strong enough cos the other end of the broom too long edi.

So what to do, what to do....

I ended up climbing into my room from zhong ing`s room.

Muahahahaha...... kengness right.

Thought that since PPKTJ days were long over, i would never climb windows to get into my room anymore. Manatau....

Muahahahaha.....what fun.