Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New yrs at 小林先生's place

Went to our Japanese teacher's place on ze 4th for new years.
Selamat sampai. And we flip through teachers photo album and yamcha as she prepares good grub. Muahaha....

Konbu-cha and super nice okashi that taste like super high class angkukueh. Super nice. I take back what i said bout konbu-cha before. Haha.....
Ppl grabbing chance to dating. Haha....Osecchi ryori. Super hungry....so only took shots after. Hahaha.....

Turkey!!! Teacher is super the keng. Her turkey is good man. Tender and taste real natural. I prefer it prepared with herbs, but this is a good change.Teachers husband carving the turkey. He is super the dignified man. Smart,collect,pensive. Sasugani ex-shindai prof.

3rd course. This time its a famous German dish. Unfortunately, I forgot the name. Teacher went there to stay while her husband was there. So she cooks this real well. She is so the Europeanized i so love her. Anyone who has a collection of bonechina tea cups earn lots of brownie points in my book ;DDD
Pork ribs - super juicy and tender, potatoes, stewed veg's, and raisin buns.

Slathered with gravy, its oh can die for!
Saosing wine frm china. Kononya fames. I have no idea.
Teachers daughter back home frm Tokyo. Violinist for orchestra worh, dun play2.
Leng view of rokko.

Vince looks so cute, I cannot lose out.


Super lots of fun. Glad everyone gets along well. Super sayang my teacher la. Will totally miss her when I go Toyohashi.


mayc said...

food looks good!! <3

think ur teacher will miss u too lo =)

joann said...

aiyo..i think i mix up my comments already la..too many posts...got mix up.the comment for the 2nd post is for this post...

syaza!!!hmmph...she still havent reply me if she received my card..

Joyce said...

mayc: ya real gud. Serious too bad you never got to know her man.

Joann: lol