Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wat FUN!

Today is a berry interesting day.

Met up wif Gane and Chola today cos they came to me sch for speech contest. Me did not see them in action though. Cos was in dreamland >.<>.< and i got free food XD Muahahaha......still have some in my snack bag. XD Never say never to free stuff man. :P

Anyways, great to meet em and talk. Lots of talk man. Kekeke..... too bad they can`t stay for dinner. And i forgot to take pics cos was to high from talking :P still its good to see ppl, its always nice. :D And its funny to see the Ang Moh teachers from each sch in a group talking. Haha....they are so cute lah. and got this quite leng zhai guy from China. XD Maybe i should polish up my chinese liaw. kekeke.....

So Congrats to Chola. Too bad lah Gane, maybe next yr? Neways, great meeting ya. :D Jia you oh wif stuff. U know la... :P

So anyway, as u can see in MayC`s blog, we made Apple Pie. Since me is bad wif d crust, MayC is the crust master, and most of the inti master too, come to think of it. just supervise la. Kekekeke......

Tada! Mine. ALL MINE!!!! Berry nice lor. The crust taste kinda biscuit like but super nice can totally go with the yummy sweet apple cinnamon filling. Muahahaha...

Since it has been awhile since i did food post, i have some to show ya. :D

made Tom YUM Soup wif prawns, scallops and veg (canggih leh)

Taco set menu. Totally yum. Seriously, taco has never tasted this good. Really!!! I kept shoving food down the whole time, totally ignoring MayC, and she me, as we busied ourselves with our yummy out of this world lunch. Anyone who comes to Akashi and wants to eat this. Kia, i bring u go eat. Its a shop at the Taco Ferry terminal.

Mayc`s Traveller`s set. I tried some of the potato salad and the fried chicken. YUM!
There`s actually more stuff that we cooked, weird or yummy....but forgot to take pics la. Not as if u want to see also right? kekeke...... if u all want to see baru i take lor. :P Or you want yummy food from shops? Kekeke.....

Ok lah. Better stop talking bout food. Sigh, after the weather turned cold me is goin food crazy. -_- Me needs a life. Ok lah. Me is ciao-ing. Tata.

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