Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Inspiring!


This can be found on the back of the uniforms of the Baseball dudes in my kosen. What bout ur kosen? Don`t cha just find it very inspiring? It sure hits the bell in my head until it reaches resonance. Every time I see it I just forget all the little shit that happens and strive on. Hope it helps you guys too. ;DDDDDD

Lets Add oil, Dun break hope,
dun normal day dun burn incense, when in need then hug the Buddhas leg,
always remember theres always another mountain higher then the next,
but, a bit a bit, long long will become hill,
so jangan kalut, jadilah gembira.

* Haha......try in diff languages if you dun get the drift. But u all so smart sure know one rite?*


`chwk87 said...


Joyce said...

chwk87: でしょう。頑張ろう。。。

calvin said...

Hari-hari punya usaha,
akan menjadi keyakinan;
bersambung dengan kejayaan,
dan menjadi jalan raya.


なんとなく分かったのが、具体的に言えば、忍耐が強ければ、諦めないでずっと頑張っていけば、きっとそのいつかの日が来る ;)

Joyce said...

Calvin: Weh.. ini budak. So nice punya Japanese u can rojak-kan until so bad. Aduhai..... -_-

が?何で‘が’があるわけ?納得してるでしょう。 :P