Thursday, June 9, 2011

Giving thanks

Been up to many things recently and I`ve been wanting to post up pics of my mountain climbing trip with my research lab ppl. But fate has it that I`ve been swamped with stuff to do. Lots of stuff and i just keep going and going and taking breaks to cool off and going at it again.

Kinda hit a rut today and my body just says `No more` and im like `Come on, you`ve stuff to hand in tomorrow` and it goes `blah......`

and this goes on and on and I go online to read motivational stuff to get going and I daydream of living in a beach side hut doing nothing but paint and play all day and listen to Jack Johnson.

and finally it all clicks and I realize how lucky i am to be here doing this. How many people can say they have a full scholarship, in a first world country, getting a degree. I mean i have freedom to do anything and everything i want to and that is more than enough for me.

Lesson learned today is to never have anything get in the way of you remembering to always give thanks. Give thanks for the gifts that are bestowed on you. Every single little thing is a gem. Always, always give thanks every single day. Never forget.

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